500 Word Challenge (Original)


Word Count: 519

“Sally, will you marry me?”

Her head swiveled sharply; for a moment, she was sure she’d misheard him completely. “…What?”

“Please,” Sonic reached for the princess’s hand and gently clasped it between both of his own, “marry me. Right now.”

Sally opened her mouth, but found herself at a loss for words. After all, it wasn’t every day one received a proposal. Icy tears brimmed her eyes. “But… Sonic, it wouldn’t be valid…”

The hedgehog shook his head. “I don’t care! Even if it’s just symbolic, just for us… I just can’t go into tomorrow with the thought that you were never my wife. I can’t risk never having done this.”

His blue quills bristled unevenly, as many of them were still broken or dislodged. His ears flattened backwards, and his face contorted with grief. “There’s so much I regret right now that I can’t do anything about, Sally. Maybe if I’d listened more, or if I’d slowed down a little, or if I’d just… waited… Maybe we wouldn’t be on our own out here. Maybe Bunnie and Ant and Rotor wouldn’t have been roboticized. Maybe Tails would have survived…

“I can’t keep gambling on ‘maybe’!” Sonic said firmly, tightening his grasp. “This is something I can do something about, before it becomes another regret.” Without releasing her delicate hand, Sonic lowered himself to one knee, gazing up at her with a peculiar blend of melancholy affection. “Princess Sally Alicia of the House of Acorn, please… Marry me.”

Sally’s throat constricted, momentarily strangling her of an answer. When she’d imagined her wedding day as a little girl, it had been nothing like this. She’d always pictured herself in a flowing satin gown, made of fabric so white it would rival the most breath-taking winter morning, and sparkling with a long, gossamer train. She’d fancied that Bunnie would do something especially amazing with her hair and make-up — something so dazzling that Sonic would gasp when her face crossed his gaze. She’d imagined the palace restored to its former glory, and her father, having been rescued from his exile, walking her down the aisle in the throne room. After having the ceremony witnessed by all of her deroboticized friends and family, she’d envisioned a great celebratory feast, with exotic recipes to tantalize her taste buds, and a gorgeous, sinfully delicious multi-tiered cake for everyone to share.

But this was nowhere near her fantasy. Instead, she found herself in the middle of a dark, cold, windy wasteland. Her stiff body ached from the ruthless battles of the last few days, and the swelling of her left eye continued to obscure her vision. Her fur was dirty and singed. She had no gown, no palace, no witnesses, no feast, and no cake. There was only Sonic, the scattered remains of Nicole, and a fire that constantly threatened to go out with every bone-chilling gale.

Sniffling forcefully, Sally took a deep breath and squeezed the hedgehog’s hands with as much strength as her tired joints could muster. “Sonic,” she whispered, cracking a weak smile, “will you take me as your wedded wife?”


SONIC THE HEDGEHOG characters © SEGA, SEGA, the SEGA logo and Sonic The Hedgehog are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. All rights reserved.

All parts of the above passage were written by myself.


About Leedzie

Leda "Leedzie" Clark is a writer and game designer with a sharp eye for detail and a kooky sense of humor. She's been a nerd as long as she can remember, and always seems to notice the wrong thing first in any given situation.

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