Sonic CD Good Ending Strategy Guide


If there’s one thing that most Sonic games have in common, it’s that they start out in an idyllic, paradise-like setting. The colors are bright and vibrant, and there are beautiful waterfalls and mountains. We get this first impression of beauty and happiness in order to appreciate just how dark and ugly the later levels become. Sonic’s games are often criticized for cloning Green Hill Zone over and over again, but I must say that I give this level some credit for coming up with some new gimmicks and not including the word “hill” in its name.



PP-1As with any Sonic game, the first thing we’ll do in the first stage is run to the right. The mosquitoes won’t be able to hit you if you run full-speed, so don’t worry about them. After you hit the vertical ramp, let go of the controls. Once Sonic hits the ground, continue to the right on the lower level and make your way quickly across the collapsing rocks just ahead. Watch out for the butterfly and jump straight up on the red spring (don’t hold right). After you’ve landed next to the Future post, jump over it and into the Past post just to the right.

Next, enter the tunnel directly to your right. Once Sonic’s on his way, let go of the controls again, even upon your exit. If you don’t bother him, Sonic flies perfectly in between the floating platforms and bounces off the butterfly, allowing you to travel to the past without lifting a finger.


pp-2Once you arrive in the past, allow Sonic to fall straight down and ride the platform down to the ground level. Take a left to the red spring on the other side of the rock, and let go of the controls as it rockets you into the air. Let gravity do its work as Sonic falls back down onto the diagonal red spring, and as he lands, Sonic will automatically run into an opening of the wall that will propel him all over the background! Once you pop back out below, the hologram project is just to the left.


pp-3Ignore both of the yellow springs above your head and run across the narrow ledges (or, if you’re interested in a ring box, drop into the second gap and use the red spring to get back up again). Continue right into the diagonal red spring. After it chucks you into a second one, don’t press right until after Sonic automatically crosses the gap. This will help you cross the collapsing rocks, but you’ll still be able to stop before you hit the Future post. Jump over the post and make your way across floating blocks, then jump hard to the right. This takes you directly to the ledge with the robot generator and a ring box.

pp-4Alternate Route to the Generator

If you happen to fall off the primary path, don’t worry. Continue to the right until you come upon the loop. Jump over the red and yellow springs on the other side and run to the wall to find a hidden red spring. You can then jump back and forth between the small ledges to collect a ring box and climb to the generator.


Once the generator is destroyed, make a short jump over the spikes to collect another ring box at the top of the neighboring ledge, then make your way to the goal at the top of the hill.



pp-5The good news is that, in this act, you will have one of the easiest times ever getting to the past. Once the act begins, head to the right and take the two immediate drops downward. At the bottom of the second ledge is a Past sign, immediately followed by a diagonal yellow spring further down the hill. Run into the spring and keep holding right. There will be no obstacles or enemies in your path, which will allow you to warp to the past once you hit the loop.


pp-6Once you arrive in the past, finish going through the loop and keep heading to the right, ignoring the two rocks that arbitrarily block your path. Once you reach the wall beyond the waterfall and mosquitoes, press into it and jump a few times to burrow through. When you land on the top path, go up the slope to the right, jump past the yellow spring, and watch out for more mosquitoes as you make your way downhill. Dash through the loop and continue to hold right as you exit. A diagonal red spring is hidden behind the tree on the ledge; keep holding right after it pushes you backward to land on top of the loop you just used. A 1-up is your reward for a job well done.

pp-7Next, step off the right side of the loop and pass the grey hatch that sent you flying a moment ago. Drop down the small gap and use the red spring to shoot yourself up to the top level. The robot generator on the highest hill, but don’t try to land yet! A badnik waiting directly on the edge prevents you from landing, so wait to fall back down to the spring and land on your second launch.


pp-8With the generator taken care of, start heading right again and pass the swinging platform, collecting a shield on the way. Just ahead is an invincibility box and a Future post, then a large pit. Ignore the swinging platforms and drop down, which will deposit you on a log bridge right next to the hologram projector. Put a stop to Metal’s days of stepping on squirrels, then head to the right.


Use the yellow and red springs to get to the top platform. Jump over the spikes to the right and pass the diagonal yellow spring below, and from there only one more random rock stands between you and the goal post. This one was sneaky enough to hide behind foliage, so don’t be surprised when you appear to stop for no reason.


Every third act in this game is short, so for this section, I’ll describe two paths to the boss fight.


pp-9Jump up to the red spring directly above your head to send yourself careening to the top of the level. Collect the invincibility box and keep heading right up the two slopes and onto the small ledge. Instead of jumping off of the edge here, stand as far to the left as you can and rev a spin dash. Dash and jump off the ledge to land on the hill across the gorge, rewarding you with a ring box and a 1-up. Jump right off of the hill, and after a moment you’ll arrive at the boss area.


pp-10Head to the right, collecting the stray rings directly in your path as well as the ones overhead; DON’T hit the red spring. When you get to the water, collect the ring box, then take the yellow spring on the far side of the nearby ledge to grab the shield; be careful, as there’s a red spring hidden behind it. As you continue right, grab the rings on the small hill, then make your way through the loop. The boss area is on the other side.


To begin with, wait on the left side of the screen as Robotnik steps out. He won’t walk far enough in that direction to hurt you, and there’s no attack you can do while he’s walking that will hurt him. I recommend passing the time by laughing at how brilliantly pink his mecha suit is.

pp-11When he starts walking backwards, close the gap until you get within jumping distance. As he hits the right wall and shuffles spastically in place, quickly hit him three times in a row. This is actually all it takes to defeat him, so congratulations! You’re already done with the level! Once Robotnik has flown away, take the loop to the right and hit the flower capsule at the bottom on your way out.



Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic CD, and all related images and assets are © SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Corporation.

This guide, however, is © me. I wrote the entire thing from top to bottom, and you may not repost it anywhere without my written permission in advance. I took all of the screenshots myself, but the content of those images is still the property of Sega.


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  1. Thanks so much for this. I finished the game last week with the bad ending, and am looking forward to playing through again with your guide. :)

  2. Question: if I collect a giant ring and go direct to the bonus stage, can I still get the good ending? Should I avoid the giant rings?

    • I’m assuming that you mean the ones at the end of the level that lead to the special stage. There’s no need to avoid those, because they not only won’t foil your attempts at a good ending, but they actually offer you an alternate way to do so! Special stages are where you can get the time stones, and collecting all of the time stones will also get you a good ending. With that said, it’s significantly harder to get a good ending this way (the last couple stages are brutal), and it’s not any different from the ending you get by destroying the machines in the levels. It’s mostly worth doing for 1) fun, 2) bragging rights, or 3) a Steam achievement.

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