Sonic CD Good Ending Strategy Guide


Just as every Sonic game has its paradise level, many of them also have a casino/pinball zone, and this is it for Sonic CD. While it does lack most of the casino aspects, it makes up for it with its sheer volume of bumpers and springs. This area can be tricky to navigate, whether you know the game well or not, and it’s designed to be difficult to backtrack. Let’s be sure we don’t give ourselves a need to do so.



cc-1Make your way to the right and grab the shield hidden behind the pillars of the background, then continue on to meet Amy Rose just ahead. Keep going to the right (as this is the only time she won’t latch onto you) and go far enough to make her stop walking, but slowly enough to not run into the spikes. After a few seconds of waiting, Metal Sonic will turn up and get Amy out of your quills, after which you can continue with the game.

cc-2Go down the tunnel, and when it flings you into the air, don’t touch the controls until you reach the peak of your launch. Once you’re over the Future post, lean to the right and jump over the red spring. (If you aren’t confident you can clear the post, allow Sonic to fall straight back down onto a grey platform and use the red springs to the right instead.) Jump to the ledge above the triangle bumper and jump to the right across the gap, then repeat over the next gap with a circular bumper in the middle.

cc-3Go through the tunnel and land on the ledge with the flat bumpers. (Don’t worry if you miss it; a pop-up yellow spring will appear at the bottom.) Go to the right until the red pop-up red spring appears, then use it to land on the top of the ledge. Use the diagonal red spring to launch yourself onto the pink spire, then go down the slope and into the tunnel. Don’t touch the controls as you exit and take the lower path to the right. You may either use the yellow springs to go over the spiked platforms or jump past them to stay on the bottom. Sticking to the bottom is less risky, but if you’re good in the air, going over the spikes has the benefits of a ring box and not dealing with two flying badniks and a Future post.

Make your way up the slope and jump past the gap and the red spring. Just ahead, use the yellow spring to head into the overhead cavern and immediately lean left. Walk into the Past post, and from there it’s just a matter of bouncing between the two red springs until your star trail activates.


cc-5When you arrive in the past, use the left red spring to exit the cavern through a hole in the ceiling. Push left gently while you’re still in the air to pass the ledge with the piston and land on the other side. Watch out for the praying mantis and use the pop-up red spring to rocket yourself back up the wall. Jump about halfway up the wall and push to the left to take out the robot generator. If you jumped closer to the top of the wall, it’ll be directly beneath the ladybug badniks.


cc-6After the generator’s taken care of, drop down off the right side of the platform and go meet our old friend, the pop-up red spring. Let it push you up the wall and over the piston and lean right to return to where you arrived in the past.  Take the walkway above the cavern and enter the tunnel to the right. At the bottom, another red spring is waiting in the wall to push you back the way you came, so jump off the wall at the grey doors to land on the ledge above the round bumpers. Walk to the right until another pop-up red spring appears, then use it to launch yourself up the wall and hold right; the hologram projector is awaiting you at the top. After busting it up, collect your shield, then walk to the left and drop into the cavern. As you hit a red spring, push hard to the right to land on top of the highest hill, where a ring box is your next prize.


From here, the level is a massive sea of springs and bumpers, broken into two sections. Both sides are very difficult to navigate with any form of control if you get caught among them, and these directions are designed to keep you out of it.

cc-7Drop off the right side of the ledge (try to hug the wall) and continue to the right, stopping before the diagonal red spring. IMMEDIATELY upon hitting the spring, hold left to counter the momentum and land on the green platform. Wait at the right edge for the two rectangular bumpers to rise up, then carefully bounce across them to another green platform. From here, stand on the lower bit of the platform and jump more gently to the right (only hold it for a second) onto a spire beside several round bumpers. This concludes the first half of Bumper Hell.

cc-8To pass the second half, use the yellow spring to position yourself over the rectangular bumper floating up and down to your right. Bounce straight up and down until you can get onto the grassy platform on its other side. Once you pass the middle of the platform, a pop-up red spring will appear. Walk into the spring and immediately jump to clear a group of round, moving bumpers and land beside a 1-up. Collect your prize and jump over ledge, dodging the spikes and sliding down the slope. The goal is on the ground on the other side.



cc-9Unless you want to collect a few extra rings first, go down the first tunnel. You’ll come out in a pit that has all red springs on the bottom and all breakable bulbs at the top. Make your way to the right side and take the lower passage. Go through the short tunnel and beware the ladybugs as you hit the Past post directly in your path. Take the red spring into the overhead cavern (watch out for the rectangle bumper) and use the two red springs to time travel just like you did in Act 1.


Upon your arrival in the past, watch out for the flying badnik and use the left spring to get on the roof, then head to the right. Jump over the two red springs and dash up the short hill to collect the ring box. After that, it’s just a quick walk to the right to find the robot generator.


cc-10Once you’ve made scrap of the generator, drop off the right side of the ledge to the bottom level. Take the passage to the right and avoid the pop-out spikes (be careful of the yellow spring at the bottom of the hill, which will send you back into them), then jump up the two ledges and spin dash up the hill. Jump over the red spring and head down the slope, running over the series of red springs ahead (Sonic will run over the gaps). The hologram projector is hard at work on the far side of the springs. Show Metal how to not step on bunnies, then continue to the right.


cc-11Ahead is a pinball-esque area that’s filled with breakable bulbs. Rather than deal with the tedium of carving a path, drop down past the flippers onto the bottom level and continue right. Watch your head as you pass under the spike mace, then use the pop-up red spring to launch yourself into the air and to the right. Hold right to land on the flipper, then jump to the higher one just behind it and fling yourself up and right again. Continue right through the passage once you hit the ground, watching out for the pop-out spikes on the way, then take the tunnel upward. The goal is just a short jog to the right.


cc-12The path for this act is very short. Head to the right and take the tunnel; as you spin through it, let go of the controls to let Sonic spin perfectly into a ring box. Once you land, drop through the next tunnel, and again, don’t touch the controls. When a ring box (and afterward a red spring) at the bottom of the path bounce you back up to the ceiling, only push to the right WHILE you’re at the ceiling; if your timing is off, you’ll accidentally end up going right on your way up and crash directly into the spikes. Once you’re on stable ground, continue to the right and up into the pinball arena.

This area is more difficult than it initially appears, as the bumpers here are very powerful and the breakable bulbs often mess up your trajectory when they get in your way, not to mention the falling bombs. The goal of this encounter is to make your way to the top and hit Robotnik’s platform three times, but it’s actually getting there that’s the problem. While it may sound strange in a Sonic game, the key to this battle is taking your time. The level is designed to automatically fling Sonic the wrong way in most cases, so you’ll want to slow things down to maintain as much control as possible.

cc-13As you enter the arena via the red spring, counter Sonic’s direction while he’s in the air in order to land on the nearby right flipper. Immediately start launching yourself up toward the top; stay persistent against the bulbs, as once you break them, they never come back. If you find yourself stuck on the bottom flippers, dash to the right and use the red spring to get back up. Keep fighting upward and use the uppermost flippers to fly straight into Robotnik. Once the floor closes in beneath your feet, it’s just two more jumps that send the doctor packing. Head to the right on the top ledge and break the flower capsule as you pass.



Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic CD, and all related images and assets are © SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Corporation.

This guide, however, is © me. I wrote the entire thing from top to bottom, and you may not repost it anywhere without my written permission in advance. I took all of the screenshots myself, but the content of those images is still the property of Sega.


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