Sonic CD Good Ending Strategy Guide


As we continue our quest for a good ending, we come upon the most loathed category in all of video games: The water level. Whether it’s the fact that movement is more difficult, certain weapons become unusable, or the character’s health is in danger, no gamer on the face of the planet has ever looked at a water level and said, “That looks like a good time!” Sonic CD at least cuts its audience a break by omitting the nightmare-inducing drowning countdown when Sonic’s running low on air.



tt-1As the level starts, you have nowhere to go but down. Jump shortly after you hit the slope to land on the floating platform and fall down with the crumbling rocks. Do NOT go down the glass pipe directly below the slope. Instead, head to the right and jump back and forth between the ledges, collecting a ring box on the way, until you reach an apparent dead end above the waterline. Jump onto the swinging platform swooping through the wall and stand on the button, which opens up a hatch, and ride the platform through. Watch out for the pop-up spikes as you descend back into the water; I recommend hugging the right wall, as there’s a yellow spring at the bottom eager to get in your way.

tt-2Make your way to the right, where another yellow spring awaits you. Stick to the wall again as you emerge from the water so the badniks won’t reach you. Climb the stairs until you arrive at a split in the path and take the left fork, but go slowly. A Future post and a red spring are at the back edge of this path. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, hit the Future post, but make sure not to run into the spring. We’re not traveling to the future, but we need this sign deactivated.

tt-3Next, make your way back to the right, being careful not to travel too quickly, and clear the air of the dragonflies buzzing overhead. Hit the lamp post next to the pit, then drop down against the left wall. Walk to the left into a small alcove hiding some rings and a Past post, then use the red springs to launch yourself back up to the platform you just descended from.

Position yourself on the far right edge of the platform, facing left, and rev up a spin dash. Let go and dash back to the left, making sure to jump onto the higher ledge toward the red spring. Release left just before you hit the spring, and switch to holding right just after. DO NOT attempt to jump across the gaps; Sonic can run across it, whereas if you jump, you’ll hit a wall and lose your star trail.


tt-5As you arrive in the past, Sonic will still be dashing to the right. Hold down left to stop him before he gets too far, then start backtracking. If you feel confident enough to take on the rotating blocks, you can drop down the vertical gap to collect a 1-up, then use the yellow spring to get back up. Continue left and take the diagonal path down into the water, watching out for a Future post at the bottom, and use the yellow spring to get back onto the upper-left ledge. Collect the awaiting shield, then get back in the water and keep heading left. Pause at the ledge to take a breath from the air bubbles before dropping down into the pit. You’ll land right on top of the hologram projector. Put an end to Metal’s fish flailing and continue right.


tt-6When the path dead ends at a wall with a propeller, jump on the switch to activate the it and jump into the current to be swept up and to the right. Stop at the top for a breath of air from the bubbles, then drop down the right side. Ignore the red spring pointing upward and jump to the one facing the right. You MUST use this spring to make it up the diagonal slope, or else you’ll drown trying to make it on your own. At the top, grab another air bubble and collect the ring box, then drop down into the pit.

tt-7As you cross the bottom floor, beware of the hidden yellow spring by one of the pillars (it won’t be protruding) and continue right until you hit the step with another set of air bubbles. Jump up into the rings beside it to enter a yellow pipe. After getting whisked directly over the generator and deposited out beside it, jump onto the ledge to the left to destroy it.


tt-8With the machinations taken care of, resume heading right, passing over the two red springs and jumping toward the wall. A yellow spring is hiding in the rock to launch you up to the top level. Carefully dodge the Future post and jump from one ledge to the other across the visible gap, then jump as far to the right as possible to cross another one that’s out of view below you. Finish up by crossing the goal post just ahead.



The first thing you’ll probably notice about this level is that the wall is pushing toward the waterfall. Go ahead and jump off the ledge, positioning yourself in the middle. When you land on the floating platform, grab the ring box and shield just to the right, being careful to avoid the Future post. Return to the platform and walk off the left side, hugging the wall until you hit another platform. Jump across the gap and descend the path on the right side. Watch out for the swinging mace and continue down the steps.

tt-9Things get a bit tricky once you make it to the gargoyle spitting blue fireballs. I recommend pausing here until the water level has gone down. There’s no need to fear the fireballs, as they don’t actually hurt you, but they do push you. Below the right-moving fireballs is a set of left-moving fireballs, followed by two rows of stone blocks moving in the opposite order. Make your way down and to the right as carefully as possible; it’s VERY easy to get crushed here, as there are lots of yellow springs on the floor and an extremely obnoxious water bug below that’s just waiting to screw you over. There’s a Past post on the upper right platform, but we can ignore it for now; there’s a much easier one coming up shortly.

tt-10Once you reach the lower right path, watch out for the two badniks as you descend to an intersection. Take the fork with the lamp post and beware a third of the same badnik before using the yellow springs to fly out of the water. At the top, take a left and use the switch to move the four pillars, then walk into a hidden alcove in the wall to collect two ring boxes. Next, backtrack to the right until you reach another gargoyle. The red spring is your target, so carefully jump onto it without getting swept away by the blue fireballs or knocked back by the dragonfly. Land on the ledge above with the two red springs and take out another dragonfly, then jump into the right wall to snag a Past post in another hidden alcove. From there, it’s just a matter of letting the red springs turn Sonic into a blue ping pong ball.


tt-11Once in the past, make your way down from the ledge and backtrack in the direction of the first alcove; depending on which spring you hit last, you may have been flung this way already. If not, destroy the dragonfly and jump over the two gaps to collect a 1-up, then head back to the right, being careful to avoid the Future post and red springs resembling the ones you just used. Keep going down and grab the ring box, then hug the left wall as you drop into the water. This will land you right next to the Metal Sonic hologram and another ring box. Once they’re all destroyed, grab a gulp of bubble and continue past the yellow spring to the right.


tt-12As you cross the floor, you have a choice of three more yellow springs that each launch you into a unique path to the top. It really doesn’t matter which you choose, as they all empty into the same corridor, but I recommend either the first or the third. The first one has two ring boxes, while the third is the easiest to climb; I find the middle route to be far more trouble than it’s worth. (Note that the first yellow spring is hidden in the floor next to one of the background pillars, and the third path forks between up and down; use the upper path.)

Regardless of which route you take, make your way to the right once you reach the upper hallway. The robot generator is just ahead at the bottom of the downward slope. Watch out for the dragonfly as you destroy it, then keep heading toward the right.


tt-13As you cross the collapsible stones, be VERY careful passing over the step directly ahead! There’s a moving stone slab that slides down on top of it at a fast pace, and it’s easy to not notice it and accidentally crush yourself. On the other side, ignore the yellow spring and the gap in the floor; the goal post is just ahead.


As with Palmtree Panic, the path to the boss area can be approached with either speed or rings in mind, so I’ve given you different options once more. The important thing to remember is that the beginning of this level takes place on a looping path that will repeat until you hit Robotnik four times. At that point, he’ll get off the looping path and lead you to the fighting area.


tt-14Make your way down the slope and jump over the protrusion into the pit. At the bottom, ignore the red springs and make your way up and to the right. Robotnik is waiting for you at the top, and begins to descend once you get too close. Jump or roll (DON’T fall) into the pit after him and hit him on your way down. Each time you hit him, Robotnik speeds up a bit to get ahead of you, then slows down again.

Chase him around the bend and back to the right, and jump again as he descends down another pit. Follow Robotnik over the hump to the left (don’t stop for the ring box, or he’ll get too far ahead) and jump into the next pit. If you’re fast enough, you can hit him twice in this same descent. With his ship damaged, he’ll take off ahead of you and open up the path to the boss room. Ignore the invincibility box (you won’t be able to hurt him anyway) and follow Robotnik down and to the right into the water. Be sure to grab the ring box on the left when you get to the bottom floor.


tt-15Just as with the speed path, head down and into the pit from the start. Take the red spring to your left and make your way into the narrow passage on the left side. Jump into the wall to collect a shield, then walk out and let the red springs launch you to the ceiling before pushing left again. There’s another secret pocket in the wall at the top that holds three ring boxes.

Get back to where you arrived in the pit and climb up and to the right to meet Robotnik. Jump past him instead of following him into the gap to find two more ring boxes to the far right. After grabbing them both, head back to the gap, drop down, and hang a right before dropping again onto another ring box. By now, Robotnik should be plenty ahead of you, so jump over the outcropping and wait on the right ledge for Robotnik to lap you. When he catches up, jump into him before he drops, then jump (DON’T fall) down after him to nail two more hits. Grab the invincibility to the left, then chase after Robotnik to land one last hit. Follow him through the wall, where one more ring box is waiting for you at the bottom on the left side of the water pit.


This fight requires both a sense of urgency and a bit of patience, given that the entire fight takes place underwater. As Robotnik surrounds his ship with bubbles (because apparently thin air is an excellent defense), Sonic needs them both to breathe and to get close enough to Robotnik to hit him. The entire battle consists of Robotnik flying (or floating, as it were) from right to left and back again, with an occasional dive to the floor. For the beginning of the battle, Robotnik usually only dives when going left, but stays at the top when going right; however, this isn’t a solid rule. He seems to be more willing to dive if you’re farther away.

tt-16Robotnik will begin the battle by generating 16 bubbles. If you’re confident in managing your underwater physics, go ahead and jump for bubbles as often as possible, but be mindful of the tiny energy blasts that Robotnik fires each time he crosses the screen. If you’d rather approach the fight from a safer but slower angle, stand at the far left side of the screen and wait. Robotnik’s energy blasts won’t be able to reach you there, and he won’t stay away from you long enough for Sonic to run out of air. Regardless of how you clear the bubbles, Robotnik is defeated after a single direct hit. As usual, head to the right and break the flower capsule as you pass.



Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic CD, and all related images and assets are © SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Corporation.

This guide, however, is © me. I wrote the entire thing from top to bottom, and you may not repost it anywhere without my written permission in advance. I took all of the screenshots myself, but the content of those images is still the property of Sega.

Yes, I’m aware the image in the banner is technically R2 and not Tidal Tempest, but I’m working with what I’ve got. If it’s good enough for Sega, it’s good enough for this guide.


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