Sonic CD Good Ending Strategy Guide


This level introduces an interesting new spin on an old gimmick. Conveyor belts have been used in lots of other Sonic games, but Quartz Quadrant is unique in the fact that you, the player, are allowed to decide the direction of the belts. This will make a difference more than once as we progress, so keep a careful eye on the directions. (Also, if you’re the type of person that likes to stand still on moving sidewalks, you might want to keep in mind that there’s a 10 minute time limit per level!)



Ignore the red spring immediately behind Sonic’s back and walk over to the Future post without touching it. Hop onto the floating platform when it comes back down, then do the same to the one above it. At the upper platform, carefully jump onto the caterpillar right at the edge, then scurry across the collapsing bridge and collect the waiting shield. Next, make your way along the conveyor belt until you come to the vertical passage; be sure to change the direction to yellow before you move on!

qq-1Cross the gap and walk carefully to the right. Carefully hit the Past post on the far right side of the ledge, then start revving up a dash as the conveyor belt takes you back to the left. As you near the left side, release the dash and hold right; DO NOT try to jump the gaps, as Sonic will run across them just fine. Continue to hold right as you enter the tunnel; if you haven’t warped yet, the red spring will send you flying through a cavern right past the remains of the robot generator. You may even just be able to hit a lamp post on the right side of the screen as you enter your time warp.


Depending on how early you started your dash and how quickly you were moving, you may or may not have gotten all the way through the tunnel before you warped.

If you made it…


Hit left to stop Sonic’s dash and make your way back to the cavern. When you make it to the downward sloping conveyor belt, jump just before the end to crash right into the robot generator on a pair of floating platforms. Be careful here! There is a gap between the platforms, and it’s easy to slip between them. If you miss the jump or fall down the gap, don’t worry; you can still get back up using the directions for those that didn’t get all the way through the tunnel.

If you didn’t make it…

qq-3Let the spring bounce you back up and drop off the ledge to the left, going all the way to the bottom. Head right to enter the cavern, watching out for the two badniks, and make your way to the diagonal red spring. Let this spring hurl you into the air and hold right to counteract the momentum. When you land beside the next diagonal red spring, continue to hold right, going WITH the momentum. This will land you safely on the far side of a set of spikes just waiting for you to unwittingly land on them. Jump backwards over the spikes and wait for the moving platform housing three yellow springs to come get you. You can then use these springs to get back to the generator.


qq-4Once the machine is destroyed, jump right to the conveyor belt to take the uppermost path. Mind the gap and claim the ring box, then watch your head for two dropping spikes as you go up the short slope. At the end of the zigzag road, drop down one level. Collect another ring box, then enter the green diagonal passage and hit the red spring. Metal Sonic is once again teaming up with a flicky to step on a squirrel, so put an end to their nonsense once you land, then keep going right.


qq-5Disregard the yellow spring and drop onto the conveyor belt below. Drop down again at the end of the platform, which brings you to the bottom level. We’re going to stay down here for the rest of the act, and there are no more badniks to contend with, so it’ll be smooth sailing from here. Ignore the red spring to your left and instead make your way to a yellow spring on the right. Pick up the ring box on the way as you use the short passage to hop over the wall, then ignore the Future post and three red springs as you keep heading right. Keep ignoring all springs as you pass below a floating platform and stick to the bottom floor upon entering the next cavern. Once you pass the diagonal red spring in your path, it’s just one hop over a conveyor belt before you hit the goal.



qq-6This act is generous enough to give us a Past post right at the start. As you hit the conveyor belts, run across the small gap to hit the Past post, then drop down to the wavy conveyor belt below. At the end of the belt, a hidden yellow spring is waiting to give you a boost to the upper right platform. Collect the shield, then use the red spring in front of it to rocket up to the top level. Try to land on the very edge of the upper platform and immediately charge a dash to the right, then release it as soon as possible (one or two revs is fine). Don’t touch the controls at the bottom of the hill so the red spring can push you back up the way you came and off the ledge, giving you just enough speed and space to initiate your time travel.


qq-7Interestingly enough, Metal Sonic is waiting for you in exactly the same place that you started this act. Upon your arrival in the past, make use of the red spring that is immediately tossing you back into the air and land on one of the floating platforms. Head to the left, drop into the gap on the far side of the skinny ledge, then continue left again. Hop over the small gap (recognize where you are?) and jump onto the next hill to take out the hologram projector.


qq-8With Metal out of the way, drop down to the wavy conveyor belt again and make your way to the right on that path, despite the efforts of the many hidden springs trying to persuade you to take the upper route. Burrow through the wooden wall with a jump, then jump over the diagonal yellow spring. Start heading right once you’re on the bottom level. (I recommend rolling into the snail badnik rather than jumping.)

In the cavern, hop over the diagonal red spring and continue along the bottom. Grab the shield and watch your head for the two spikes once you reach the caterpillar. Roll into another snail at the top of the short hill ahead, then watch out for another badnik waiting for you after the red spring. Ignore another red spring and watch out for one more snail on the conveyor belt.qq-9

As you enter the next cavern, pass quickly under the two spikes in the ceiling, then stop as you pass the directional control. Make sure the direction is set to orange, then jump into the narrow passage overhead. Release all controls and sit back to enjoy the ride as Sonic destroys the generator upon his exit and lands safely beside a shield and a red spring.


Use said red spring to land on the upper-right ledge, then drop down to another wavy conveyor belt on the bottom floor and make your way right. Pick up an easy 1-up waiting directly in your path as you make your way to the goal beyond the red spring.


This level starts us out with Sonic playing peek-a-boo behind some posts in the foreground. As with other levels, this act may be approached with either speed or items in mind, so it’s time to pick your path.


qq-10Do a short dash to climb the slope and exit on the narrow ledge. Drop off the right side and take the wavy conveyor belt across the bottom. At the edge, keep holding right to land directly on the red spring, then hold right again when you land on the upper level. Jump over the round incline and take the lower route on the conveyor belt below. Pick up the ring box at the end before you continue right into the boss arena.


qq-11Take the red spring behind you to zoom all the way up the slopes and land on the yellow spring above. Lean to the right and pick up the ring box on top of the platform, then take the moving yellow spring to another platform to collect another ring box and a 1-up.

Hug the right wall as you drop off the ledge and quickly cross the collapsing bridge. Make a short drop to the right and run across the wavy conveyor belt. Keep holding right while running off the edge to pick up several rings, then double back once you hit the wall. Drop into the gap on the left and use the red spring to launch yourself onto the upper path. Fight the conveyor belt to head left and pick up a shield and a ring box before continuing right.qq-12

At the round incline, jump onto the narrow ledge, then jump again to the upper-right platform to snag another ring box and an invincibility. From here, drop straight down onto another wavy conveyor belt and continue to the right, picking up the ring box as you enter the boss arena.


qq-13Unlike most battles, the goal of this fight is not to actually hit Robotnik yourself. Instead, this battle is a treadmill with explosives. As you run, the conveyor belt beneath your feet moves at the same pace, which erodes Robotnik’s capsule from underneath. The battle is reliant on your ability to keep running despite Robotnik’s frequent attempts to drop mines onto your head. If you stop, there’s a set of spikes at the end of the belt just waiting to turn you into a hedge-kabob.

qq-14As you enter the arena and the spikes close in behind you, give Robotnik one good smack and start running to the right. Listen for the “woo-a-woo-a” sound effect and watch the top of the screen to be prepared for mines to drop. When the container overhead stops, tap left quickly, then jump once straight up and once to the right. The first jump is to avoid running into the spikes, and the second is to dodge the mines that are now bouncing out from the impact point. When you land the second time, hold right and repeat the process ad nauseum until Robotnik has nothing left to stand on and flees into the wild. Chase after him and crack open the flower capsule as you pass.



Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic CD, and all related images and assets are © SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Corporation.

This guide, however, is © me. I wrote the entire thing from top to bottom, and you may not repost it anywhere without my written permission in advance. I took all of the screenshots myself, but the content of those images is still the property of Sega.


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