Sonic CD Good Ending Strategy Guide


If you were ever under the impression that level designers love you and want to show you a good time, prepare to have that illusion shattered. Even the best level designers snap every now and then, and considering that there are four versions of every first and second act in this game (as well as two versions of every third), it was only a matter of time before Sonic CD’s designers decided to blow off steam by making an evil level.

The primary gimmick of this level is the fact that the ground floor is extremely bouncy, and if Sonic touches it even for a second, he gets shot up to the ceiling. This wouldn’t be such a problem if not for the fact that there are electric coils near the ceiling in most areas. Interestingly enough, they still managed to make Wacky Workbench’s insidious level mechanics enjoyable (who doesn’t like kooky sound effects and flying through the air?), but just because it’s fun does not, by any means, mean that it’s easy. Put on your big kid pants, because the difficulty is going up.



ww-1Start out by heading down and to the right past the two yellow springs. When you make it to the psychedelic floor, use the bouncing blocks (there are 8 of them in a row) and watch your head for hornets as you head to the right. Once you see the stable ledge, drop off your block and let the floor bounce you all the way to the top and lean to the right onto the high path with a Future post. Deactivate this post as a precaution, then drop back down to the low ledge. Collect the ring box and drop off the side onto the floating platform waiting to catch you.

Leap to the vertical platform to your right, then use the horizontal platform hovering beneath the freeze blaster. (If you get frozen, start hitting jump right away to break out of the ice without losing your rings.) The Past post is waiting for you on the floor on the other size of the freezer. Jump down to hit it, then bounce straight up and down until you land on one of the platforms.

ww-2Once you’re on stable ground, make your way back to the other side of the freeze blaster and let the floor launch you all the way to the top and land on the upper right ledge. Carefully jump over the Future post and take out the two bouncing badniks before crossing the two pistons. If you have trouble with the timing, feel free to dash across. On the other side, enter the tunnel to be whisked away automatically to the past.


ww-3The first thing you’ve probably noticed is that you’re now hanging from the ceiling. Shimmy your way to the right and drop to the next rung down. Drop again onto the one non-electric piece of ground, then use a short dash to travel safely onto the bouncy floor. Pull back to the left as soon as you launch and bounce between the floor and the ceiling until you land on one of the floating platforms. After you pass under the freeze blaster, use the floor to propel yourself straight up to the top level. Watch out for the electric coils as you ascend!

ww-4Make your way to the right and jump onto the ceiling bar just like the one you arrived on. Wiggle over to the right side and take the floating platform down to the next ledge (watch out again for the coils), then walk off and keep holding left. Metal is waiting right where you land, doing unsavory things to a couple of birds.


ww-5With the projector destroyed, jump to the upper right ledge and take the floating platform back up to the top. Make sure to dodge the electric coils, then use the seesaw platform to make your way to another set of hanging bars. On the other side, get a running start before jumping hard to the right to reach the next upper ledge (you won’t be able to jump that high from below it). Continue up the short steps until you arrive at the piston.

ww-6The next step is going to sound really counter-intuitive, but in this particular level of this particular game, pistons are your friends. I know it sounds crazy, but you don’t want to jump past this piston; you actually have to jump on top of it and let it seemingly crush you. For whatever reason, the pistons in Wacky Workbench aren’t dangerous; they’re actually transporters. As the piston closes up around you, Sonic drops down a secret passage and lands directly on top of the robot generator. This is literally the ONLY way to get to this area. Somewhere in the world right now, there’s a level designer that’s laughing heartily over all the stress that gamers around the globe have had with this mechanic. In any case, destroy the generator and collect the 1-up that the game awards you for putting up with being trolled, then head to the left.


Step on the switch to enter the door, then jump onto the orange bouncing block and watch your head for electric coils as you make your way to the right. Take another bouncing block and two moving platforms to reach four sets of sliding bricks. Three more bouncing blocks await you on the other side, which will take you straight to the goal post.


The level opens with Sonic standing at the beginning of a narrow hallway, with a speed slider waiting just ahead of him. At the end of this path, a Past post and the remains of the robot generator are chilling out on a slightly lower ledge. The reason I’m pointing this out now is that there are two ways to go about getting to this Past post, one of which is short but difficult while the other is longer but simple. I’m going to give instructions for both.

Shorter, But Difficult

When you begin the level, examine the background pattern before even taking a single step. Just ahead of Sonic, there’s a purple bar in the foreground, followed by a purple bar in the background, and then what looks like a pair of green lamps directly beside it. At the very center of the green lamp is a bright highlight. This is important to note, because in order to do this the short way, you’re going to have to make a very precisely timed jump over the speed slider.


Back Sonic up to the left wall, then run forward at full speed and jump hard to the right just as Sonic is passing the highlight of the green lamps. It’s going to feel too early, but if you get the timing right, Sonic can completely pass over the slider without getting on. (If you miss your timing, but you’re determined to do it the short way, the good news is that you’re still right at the beginning, so you can back out and restart the save file without losing any progress.) Continue down the rest of the hallway and stop at the edge to hit the Past post. From here, you can pick back up after the longer route.

Longer, but Easier

Head on over to the slider and hop on, allowing it to push you forward and send you careening into the dangers below. A second AFTER Sonic is ejected from the slider (NOT before or during), press and hold left to counteract the momentum. Once you’ve hit the floor once, start leaning back toward the left wall. A passageway is hidden at the very bottom, right next to the seizure-inducing floor. If you can’t manage to get through it just by pressing into the wall, tap right to go down a step or two. A floating platform is hovering horizontally over the floor. Land on the platform and use it to jump into the wall at a lower angle.

ww-7As you exit the other side, be careful not to accidentally run into the electricity and jump onto the ledge above your head. Use the eye-level floating platform (be careful, this one spins) to cross the gap and jump to the red spring against the far left wall. At the top, lean to the right and land on the highest floating platform, but watch out for the nearby spinning mace. I recommend waiting through a couple of bounces to be sure your timing is right.

Once you’ve cleared the balls of doom, jump to a new red spring at the platform’s peak, which brings you to a third red spring. This is the spring that finally boosts you up to the Past post we saw at the beginning; however, given how powerful red springs are, don’t even touch it at all and simply walk into the tunnel. Press and hold left as soon as you hit it to counteract the momentum so you can actually stop on the platform.


ww-8No matter which method you use to get the Past post, go to the back wall of the ledge (where the trap door is), face the right, and charge up a spin dash. (You’ll want to specifically do a spin dash as opposed to a peel out here, because there are a lot of enemies in the air that a spin dash will be immune to.) Spin dash off of the edge of the platform, and once you’re free falling, press and hold back to the left. After you bounce off of the ground once, let go of the controls, and from there you’ll be able to warp to the past.

(NOTE: There is a risk of this getting messed up if the floor happens to not be flashing at the time that you touch it; this seems to happen more often if you took the short route, so linger for a few seconds first if you did. If this happens and you lose your star trail, there’s really nothing else to do besides start over. I told you this level was evil!)


ww-9Remember how we saw those crumpled remains up at the top next to the Past post, and how annoying it was to get up to that point from the bottom level? I have good news for you: It’s much easier to get up there in the past! As you land in the arena, take note of the fact that there are a couple of higher levels of flooring here that didn’t exist in the present. Make your way to the left (if you hit the far wall, you’ve gone too far) and use one of the upper floors to rocket yourself much higher than you ever could in the present, and you’ll have no trouble getting back onto that same ledge on the upper left.


Jump back into the flickering arena and gently make your way to the right. You don’t want to go all the way over to the right wall, but rather to a set of vertical platforms floating just before it. Use them to climb to the top level and start heading right. At the end of the first set of ceiling bars, collect a ring box at the upper right, then drop down onto another set of bars.

ww11When you come to the ledge, dash to the right to land on one of the vertical gravity bars. If you really want to, you can get off of here on the left side to enter a secret room in the wall that holds a 1-Up and a ring box, but I honestly think it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, wait for the bar to take you back to the top, then eject yourself to the right. (NOTE: You have to hit the jump button while on the opposite side of where you want to go. To get off on the right, jump while you’re on the left.) When you hit the wall, let go of the controls to fall straight down onto a floating platform. If you missed it, you can still bounce to safety using the floor, but watch out for the electric coils going off.

ww-12Metal Sonic is right below you. If you landed on the vertical platform, jump over to the horizontal one (be careful, it’s spinning) and ride it to the other side of the bit of hanging ceiling. Once you’ve cleared it, jump off the platform straight up, then fall straight down. You’ll land perfectly inside of the hologram on the only bit of ground that isn’t bouncy. Give it a good whack, but make sure none of the coils are electrified at the time; the projector itself is positioned on the bouncy surface, so be prepared to go flying into the air immediately after. Bounce STRAIGHT UP after you hit the floor to land on a floating platform directly overhead.


ww-13Attach yourself to the upper gravity bar on your right and ride it not quite to the top before jumping to the right onto another bar. (Remember, you must be on the LEFT side to jump right.) Jump over to one more gravity bar, then rise to the top and push yourself into the wall just as you did to get to Metal Sonic. Once you land on the floating platforms, hook downward to pass underneath what would have been a freezer in the present and jump to a ledge with a Future post. Instead of heading through the passage, jump onto the vertical floating platform to take the upper route.

ww-14Dodge another Future post as you round the curve to continue up and to the right. Descend the slope and jump over the red spring. Ahead, skip the first gap and drop down hugging the far right wall; a mace is waiting at the bottom of the left side to steal your hard-earned rings, but an innocent yellow spring is all that’s hidden to the right. Pick up the shield once the mace has passed, then continue right into the infinity loop and exit on the upper right side. I find it easiest to exit the loop after having gone through a complete figure 8.

At the ledge, a familiar pink friend is eagerly awaiting your arrival, and no, it’s not Amy. It’s a gravity bar! In fact, there are three of them in this room. It’s actually much easier to dodge the bars completely and allow the floor to bounce you across the room. There are no electric coils in this area, and the enemies are all gone, so have fun bouncing without fear! The goal post is patiently waiting for you at the end of the passageway on the right wall.


For all of the grief that Wacky Workbench has put us through up until this point, it actually does cut us a bit of a break in this act. Not only are there enough rings here to get an extra life, but there is also a hidden 1-Up. If you’re lacking lives and don’t care about speed, now would be a good time to grab a couple more. (In fact, if you’re REALLY hurting for lives, this would be a good opportunity to do some grinding, since third acts are so short.)


Run to the right until you come to the bouncy part of the floor and bounce straight up. Once sufficiently in the air, lean to the right to land on the floating platforms and jump onto the spire. Cross the gap and continue along the right ledge. Ignore the many floating platforms ahead and jump straight to the bottom right. After squeezing under the wall, keep holding right to hit the far wall and wiggle into the passage at the bottom. The boss arena is immediately on the other side.


ww-15Head to the right and collect the six rings floating in the air, then jump and hold as far as possible to the right to get caught under the overhang. Get onto solid ground beneath the floating platform, then jump off the ledge and pull immediately to the right to snag a shield. Next, use the bouncy floor to soar up to the upper right spire, but instead of passing it, turn around and take the horizontal platform on your left.

Jump onto the ledge to the left, ignore the gap with the floating platform and continue left. Jump into the wall to collect three hidden ring boxes, then double back and take the floating platform down. Drop down between the ledges to the bottom, where a super sneaker is awaiting you. Grab the sneakers if you want them (again, they’ll make jumps trickier if you take it), then walk into the pipe on the right wall to be ejected back into the original pit you started in.

ww-16Use the floor to launch yourself back up to the floating platforms, collecting the stray rings along the way, and jump over the spire this time. At the bottom of the pit is an invincibility box you can grab for some awesome tunes and a few more stray rings. Make your way back out using the two red springs, then continue right. Follow the rings to take the floating platforms (note: this set spins) to the bottom. As you near the ground floor, jump into the wall with a slope to enter another secret room. A 1-Up and a ring box are waiting to reward you.

Head back out into the arena and pass beneath the wall into the next section of the arena. Use the floor to boost yourself up to the top and lean left to grab yet another ring box, then bounce into the pyramid of rings near the ceiling. If you’ve been collecting all of the rings up until this point, this will put you over 100, granting you another extra life. With all rings taken care of, push to the right and hug the wall until you can slide under it and into the boss arena.


ww-17As you enter the room, Robotnik drops down in his latest contraption. Watch out for the fire on the very bottom and give him a good whack to the side to start things off. As Robotnik flees, watch your head for falling chunks of the floor he’s demolishing right above you. Jump onto one of the chunks (I personally prefer the ones by the walls) and wait; it won’t be long before electricity jolts across the floor and sends the rocks (and you along with them) airborne. As you rise, the block you’re standing on is going to lag behind the others due to your weight. Jump to the neighboring block, then onto the next floor as it comes into view above.

This next level is much like the one you just did, except now there’s a massive hole in the floor limiting your space. Give Robotnik another swat before he gets away, then repeat exactly the same rock-hopping steps that you did a moment ago.

ww-18In the third room, the formula changes slightly by adding in a line of spikes dropping down from the ceiling. Luckily, they flicker and disappear shortly after they land. Time your jump just right to jump between them, then prepare for the next wave of blocks. However, this time around, be sure to stand on one of the inner chunks, NOT on the outside. As it turns out, Robotnik hasn’t broken through the next ceiling yet, and as long as you stand on an inner block, you can give him the final hit needed to end this battle. If you find yourself stuck on an outside block here, DO NOT jump to the inner block! All of the other blocks have too much momentum and will crush you against the ceiling if you switch. Just wait for the blocks to drop back to the floor and switch there.

After his machine goes up in smoke, chase ol’ Robo-Pants out the door and crack open the flower capsule on your way out.



Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic CD, and all related images and assets are © SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Corporation.

This guide, however, is © me. I wrote the entire thing from top to bottom, and you may not repost it anywhere without my written permission in advance. I took all of the screenshots myself, but the content of those images is still the property of Sega.


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