Sonic CD Good Ending Strategy Guide


Well, we’re in the home stretch, and it’s not about to get any easier. This level gives Sonic a taste of his own medicine by surrounding him with lots and lots and lots of sharp spikey things that are anxious to steal your rings away from you. This level has an abundance of extraordinarily testy jumps, and will happily force you to walk into time travel posts you weren’t in the market for. The good news is there are no more hologram projectors to take out now that Metal Sonic’s been destroyed, but the bad news is that the robot generators are now that much harder to get to. Gird your loins, because the final sprint is going to be a doozy.

NOTE: If you happen to fall from your desired route, it’s very likely that you may have to reset your game if you want to continue with that path. There are many areas in this level in which you can fall down, but you can’t get back up.



mm-1As the level begins, make your way carefully past the changing ball platform and past the buzzsaw badnik, taking the red spring up. Collect the shield, then jump to the upper route on the ledge. Carefully maneuver past the three diagonal red springs and hit the Past post while destroying another buzzsaw bot. Keep heading right and very carefully dodge the rolling dual-blades. Each end spins for close to 3 seconds, but if you let it hit the far wall once, you can walk past it without trying to time it. When you come to the rolling red spring, you have a choice between the more dangerous upper route, or the longer lower route.

Upper Route

mm-2This path lives up to the danger expectation right from the start with its first jump. Take note of the circular divots in the floor and count over to the fifth from the right. This is the farthest point that the rolling spring will travel to, so line yourself up with it and wait for your ride to approach. Do a short jump just before the spring makes it, and try to hit it as far on the right side as you can on impact. Press hard to the right as you fly up, and if you got the angle right, you’ll just avoid the spikes in the ceiling and make it on the upper path.

Watch your head for the giant saw blades and keep heading to the right, passing another Past post in the process. When you make it to the two yellow springs, take out the badnik in between them, then let yourself be bounced back and forth to travel to the past.

Lower Route

mm-3Ignore the rolling spring and keep heading to the right. After taking a step down, make a long jump to clear the two diagonal red springs and the gap in the floor. As you approach a second rolling red spring, drop down onto its part of the floor FIRST. It won’t roll close enough to squash you, and it’s VERY difficult to jump over it from the upper step without getting thrown into the spikes. Once you’re on even ground, make a short jump over it, then drop down and quickly step to the right of the crumbling bridge.

mm-4Dodge the next rolling spring long enough to take out the badnik and claim the ring box, especially if you have no rings, as there are spikes just ahead. Once you’ve claimed your prize, line yourself up with the green tube in the background and wait for the spring to approach. Be sure to bounce STRAIGHT UP from this point, as you’ll fly just to the left of the spikes. Lean further to the left to land on the ledge and head for the two yellow springs. Smash the badnik skulking in between them, then let the springs do their job and send you to the past.


Start hitting jump as soon as you arrive, as you’ll already be trapped in the clutches of the badnik you just defeated in the present. Luckily this particular robot doesn’t hurt you, but it will send you rolling into the spring and back into its grasp if you let it. Wiggle loose and give him a good thump to teach him a lesson, then make your way to the left if you want a shield or back down the gap to the right if you want to continue without it. Given the nature of this level, I recommend the shield, but if you don’t want it, skip the next paragraph.

mm-5As you climb your way to the left, watch your head for the three giant saws, then drop straight down off the ledge on the other side. Head to the right to the two red springs (recognize where you are?) and drop down between them, hugging the right wall. Once you’ve collected your shield at the bottom, use the spring to get back up and keep heading right. When you come to the rolling red spring, deal with it the same way you did in the present. On the other side, jump all the way to the right wall and keep holding right as you fall. There’s no collapsing bridge this time, so you have to get all the way over in one shot.

mm-6Just like in the present, avoid the rolling red spring and crack the badnik and the ring box, but this time, we’re heading to the right instead of up. Carefully make your way across the two ball platforms (be careful with your timing!) and continue to the right. Ignore the yellow spring and jump under the piston yourself. (NOTE: Unlike in Wacky Workbench, these pistons are NOT your friends, and will kill you if you get stuck beneath or above them.) Take your time passing the rolling dual blade, as the inclines can make it tricky (this is where that shield comes in handy), then cross over another ball bridge as you continue forward. Make sure you have enough momentum, because it’s a long jump on each

Drop down the vertical passage. To cross this spiked dip safely, curl into a spin dash (NOT a peel out) and give it ONE charge. This will take you over the spikes and get you stuck on the right side of the dip; from here, curl into another single-charge spin dash to escape unharmed.

Make a running jump from your platform onto another to the right (it’s a blind jump, but it’s not a hard one), then duck to get a peek below you. It’s important to know where there that rolling red spring is so you can get down safely. (NOTE: The top half of the rolling dual blade can reach the red spring’s platform, so watch yourself when you’re on the left side.)


Once you’re clear, hop down to the lower path and try to land on the right side of the red spring. Watch your head for the spikes and drop down to the next level while watching out for the rolling yellow spring below. Do your best to take your time, but these objects all move fairly quickly, so the amount of time you can really take is all relative, I suppose. Press forward and jump as hard to the right as you can from the short collapsible platform. You’ll hit the wall and drop straight down onto a ring box; this is about the moment when you’ll realize that there are a lot of spikes in this room.

mm-8Keep heading to the right, jumping the spikes in your path and climbing up to the far wall. After a few seconds, a set of 3 vanishing blocks will appear over Sonic’s head. Jump up as fast as you can and make your way to the left, then use the red spring to launch yourself into a small alcove in the ceiling. Congratulations, you’ve FINALLY found the robot generator! Savor the explosions of its defeat even more than usual, then collect your rings and head back the way you came.


mm-9As you retrace your footsteps to get out of this dead end, stop at the empty ring box at the base of the incline. Do you see that little gap in the spikes just ahead of you? That one that Sonic can perfectly fit into? DON’T JUMP IN IT. If you try to clear the larger set of spikes from that position, you’re not going to make it. Instead, get a running start from the floor you’re already standing on and clear all of the spikes in one shot. Another ring box is waiting for you on the other side as your reward.

Climb the two vanishing blocks to the upper platform and return to the rolling springs. Getting up from here in one piece is tricky and requires very, very tight timing. Wait on the right side of the yellow spring, and as it approaches, do your best to hit it and hold left as it crosses the missing section of the background. I’m not going to lie to you: Unless you still have your shield, you’re most likely going to hit the spikes and drop your rings. I rarely make this jump successfully myself. I’m very sorry, but this is a particularly cruel section of the level design.


Next, use the rolling red spring to get on the platform directly over your head and make your way to the right. Patiently climb the rotating platforms, and in the meantime, you’ll have a perfect view of the shattered remains of that generator that you just went through a lot of grief to destroy. Make some ugly faces at it in a grand show of defiance as you make your way up the ceiling climb to the upper-left ledge.

mm-10Allow the spasming red spring to rocket you up onto an even higher ledge and start heading right. Descend the steps and carefully cross the vanishing platforms to pass over the giant saw blade; I recommend simply jumping all the way to the right wall and dropping straight down. On the next ledge below, wait for the second saw blade to extend before passing under it, then drop down again. Pass over the thankfully slow-moving piston, then drop down one more time. The goal is waiting for you off to the right.



mm-11Head to the right and cross the two pistons, then climb up and left to the red spring. Fall onto the gyro wheel just below the peak of your bounce and jump off on the right side. On the path with two red springs, use the one on the left edge and lean to the left as you fly up past the ceiling. Land on the new gyro wheel, and carefully jump off on the top to land on one of the two green blocks. Exit to your right to not only find a Past post sitting all by itself, but a pair of red springs at the ready on the other side of the right wall! (NOTE: Start bouncing on the left spring. It’ll make your life easier when you’re done time traveling.)


mm-12The first thing you’ll notice upon your arrival is that an old friend from the original Sonic the Hedgehog has turned up in this game — and that it’s the size of a buick. Watch out for the fireballs as the bomb bot explodes, then make your way to the right and open the tunnel with the switch. Hop inside, and at the intersection, turn left. When you exit the tunnel, I highly recommend you dash off the ledge to ensure you make it across the gap; if you fall down here, you may as well restart, because it takes far more effort than it’s worth to get back to this vantage point.

mm-13Take the path to the right, but DO NOT try to go under the piston! You can’t make it, and you usually get crushed by the time you realize it. Go over the top and take the spring up to the robot generator and even more rings on the high ledge. Yes, that’s really all there is to it this time; consider it an apology from the level designers for being dicks in Act 1.


Now that you’ve completed your last task in the quest for a good ending, all that remains getting out of here alive. Since we’re still right at the beginning of the level, we have quite a ways to go.

mm-14Drop down into the gap in the floor and head to the right. As you come across the rolling red spring, lean hard to the right, as you need it to ascent two ledges instead of just one. Step into the rotating doorway to get sent to the background (consider it this level’s version of the signs in Stardust Speedway), then head to the right. Just when it seems like a dead end, Sonic will fall through the floor to a new path. Use the rotating doorway to return to the foreground, then continue down the corridor.

mm-15After using the yellow spring, jump the small gap and head to the right until you come to the spikes. This is another one of those testy jumps that require sharp timing, but it can be managed if you do a short jump instead of a full leap. Once you cross the spikes, stand on the large piston to be rocketed into the air and land on a high ledge to the right. Watch out for the bomb bot (your guess is as good as mine as to why they’re still here even though the generator’s broken) and use the rolling red spring to hug the right wall, then let the diagonal spring send you back to the left. Upon landing, use the next red spring to push yourself up to the top road.

mm-16Drop into the gap and watch your head as you pass under the spikes. After descending a couple levels, carefully dodge the bomb bot without hitting the red springs, then drop down to the bottom of the large pit. To the left is another testy spike jump, and this time it has the added bonus of a rolling spring underneath. Carefully cross the spikes without hitting the spring on your landing, otherwise it’ll probably launch you directly into the other spikes across from you. Drop straight down off the ledge on the other side.

mm-17Avoid the Future post on the lower ledge and make your way to the two chained pillars. Each time you step on the pillar on the left, it’ll move itself to the right. Repeat this process to ‘walk’ the pair of them to the far right wall. As you approach the ledge, stop walking the pillars for a moment to get the attention of a bomb bot lingering ahead. Don’t run too far away as it detonates, or else the pillars will reset themselves! Once the bomb’s out of your way, continue walking the pillars to the right and climb the ledge.

mm-18It’s now time for one of the features this particular level is most known for: The shrinking ray. It really has no purpose, other than changing Sonic’s sprite into a tinier one and making us all snicker a bit, but there’s no way to get through this level without passing through it. Head through the doors to the right and let the red laser hit you (don’t worry, it doesn’t do damage), then drop down the gap and use the red spring to get on the floating platform. Make your way to the upper-right ledge.

mm-19Another red spring awaits you. Use it to climb onto the two conveyor belts, then jump for the floating blocks. Make your way up to the red spring and push to the left as it launches you into the air. Watch your head for the hanging spikes as you continue (I recommend short jumps) and drop into the gap on the other side. Avoid the piston, then maneuver through the conveyor belts and another piston. At the bottom of the gap, head left and drop down beneath the floating blocks.

mm-20Climb the hill and watch out for another bomb bot. Congratulations, you’ve survived your time as a microhog! The restoration ray is just on the other side of the bomb. Head into the tunnel once you’re back to your old self. When you exit, DO NOT go through the doors to the left! That will loop you back to an earlier point in the level, and you’ll have to do the shrink ray portion all over again. Instead, make your way to the right.

mm-21Wait for the rolling red spring to come all the way to the left side before using it to get up; there are spikes in the ceiling on the right. Jump across the gap and make your way through the doors, then immediately look up. A series of 5 spiked bars, each with a Sonic-sized gap, are on their way down to greet you. I don’t recommend jumping to see them, because it’s very easy to jump too high and lose all your rings. Instead, look up to find the gap, get into that position, then look up again and wait for the next bar. After all five have passed, head to the right, where it’s a straight shot to the goal post.


Here we are, at the very end of the game. All of the time traveling and hunting is over with, so all that’s left to do is to take on Robotnik for the final time! This act is fairly short, but it manages to still be very challenging anyway. There’s one area in particular that’s notorious for costing lives if your timing happens to be off, but don’t worry; we’re going to grab a 1-up on our way there.

mm-22To get started, head to the right over the spikes. If you really want to grab all five of them, you can dash across the top to pass safely. Jump past the rolling red spring and grab the invincibility along the left wall, then use the spikes to jump back up with the spring. Line up with the center spray of the background fountain and bounce up and to the left. The 1-up is nestled among three sets of spikes, so grab it and double back while you’re still untouchable. Jump across the gap and walk off the edge to the collapsing bridge, but hug the left wall on your way down to collect a ring box. Next, jump over the spikes and into the gap.

mm-23On the bottom floor, head to the right and enter the dead end to face another collection of spiked ceilings descend upon you. Just as we did in Act 2, stand in the provided opening and look up to make the next appear as soon as possible. When the fourth bar appears, jump onto its left side to quickly exit onto the ledge before the fifth bar can appear. Leap back across the pit and cross the piston.

The next area has no floor, and even if you’re careful, it’s still not surprising if you lose some lives. Your goal is to make it to the passage on the right side, which is intermittently blocked by a piston. There are platforms leading to the door, but they’re rotating platforms, and if your timing is off, there’s nowhere to go but the abyss below. There are a couple of round bumpers floating along the bottom, but they tend to just delay your death more than they save you from it.

mm-24To cross this area safely, take a moment to get used to the rhythm of the spinning platforms. Once you feel you have the timing down, make your way out and jump onto the next group up, then from there jump to the three singular platforms just ahead. Jump STRAIGHT DOWN into the gap between the second and third platforms; a red spring is waiting to bounce you back up. Now that you have (somewhat) stable footing, you can watch the piston door to the right and wait for the right moment to cross the gap. I wouldn’t recommend trying to get straight to the door from the spring, however; time your jump to coordinate between the spinning platform and the piston.

mm-25Now that we’re back on solid ground, head to the right and collect your shield, then run without hesitation. This is important because there’s a wall of spikes headed your way just down the corridor, and you only have a few seconds to make it to the rotating doorway so you can hide in the background. Once the spikewall has passed the door, rotate back to the foreground and continue to the right.

mm-26As you pass into the locked chamber, you’ll face a sort of mini-boss battle. If you already have rings, you may want to consider ignoring the one ring this room offers, just in case you get hit. Once the lights go down, a variant of the lightning bugs we faced in Stardust Speedway will appear, zipping around the ceiling and trying to zap you with a laser. Keep your distance as it moves, but once it starts to flicker, jump at it to shut it down. Don’t get too comfortable, however, because as soon as you dispatch the lightning bug, two more appear to take its place. Repeat the same process with these two, then exit to the right and grab the two rings on your way to the final showdown.


First Round

ff-1Robotnik appears from the ceiling as the two metal doors open up. Don’t try jumping at him for now, because you can’t hurt him just yet. Stick to one of the corners as he comes to the ground and rolls from side to side; so long as you stay still in the corner, he can’t touch you. If you don’t care about dropping your rings, now’s a good time to hit him, but if you’d rather keep them, wait for him to go back to the ceiling and retract the arms of his vehicle.

ff-2Stand in the center of the room as the arms come down, as they fall to the left and right, but not the middle. After they flicker and disappear, Robotnik will descend a bit and try twice to attack you directly: Once with the arms “+” shaped, and once with the arms “x” shaped. Use the opportunity of one of these formations to get a hit in; don’t be surprised if you drop your rings here, as it’s surprisingly difficult to get in the first hit unscathed. After you land a blow, one arm will break off, and Robotnik will return to the ceiling to begin round two. If you missed your chance, don’t worry, as he’ll repeat the same attacks over again.

Second Round

ff-3Much of this round resembles the first, with Robotnik using the same attacks (rolling on the ground, shooting the vehicle arms, and attacking in “+” and “x” positions), but now there is a critical difference: With the fourth arm missing, you now have far more opportunities to land an attack. You can either strike when he’s hovering low overhead, or when he extends the arms to attack you. Don’t count on getting a hit in when he rolls on the ground, however, as he makes sure to keep his exposed side facing away. Don’t get comfortable in the center of the room when he shoots the arms this time, either, as he switches it up randomly this round.

Third Round

ff-4By this time, Robotnik is aware that he’s on the ropes, and changes up his tactics a bit more. He’s now reduced to two moves: Firing and extending the ship’s arms. However, there are two noteworthy differences this time. As the arms of the ship fall to the ground from the air, they’re now falling with the wide end facing forward instead of the skinny end, significantly reducing the amount of space Sonic has in the arena. Afterward, when he descends from the ceiling to extend them, Robotnik now only uses one attack pose, keeping both of the arms on the bottom of the ship. He can still be hit, it just requires a bit more height.

Final Round

ff-5Now that Robotnik’s literally on his last leg (or arm, as we’ve been calling them), he’s getting more desperate. For the firing round, he still shoots the last arm at you, but this time it’s going to come in at an angle. Luckily for us, it can easily be jumped. When that fails, he switches tactics from simply extended the arm at you, and full-on bounces around the floor in an attempt to squash Sonic. Keep out from under him and give him one last whack for the win!


Congratulations! You’ve just beaten Sonic CD, and now you can enjoy the good ending! If you’re playing the 2011 release, you’ve also unlocked Tails now! I hope you enjoyed using this guide to get through the game!



Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic CD, and all related images and assets are © SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Corporation.

This guide, however, is © me. I wrote the entire thing from top to bottom, and you may not repost it anywhere without my written permission in advance. I took all of the screenshots myself, but the content of those images is still the property of Sega.


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  1. Hey, this was a GREAT guide! It took me a while to get through it, but I couldn’t have had good futures without you! Cool to see other gamer girls—and thanks for all your hard work on this!

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