Original Story: Uurha


When I first started creating this story, I decided that I wanted to go against the grain as far as what conventional protagonists tend to be like. Madame Dibi would typically be considered a villainous character by most standards, and yet she sees herself as one of the few people willing to stand up for what’s right. Her perception of ethics and incredibly low opinion of her peers makes her interesting to write, and as far as I’ve been told, she’s also fascinating to read.

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Pronunciation: Dee-bee; sometimes comes out Dih-bee if said quickly.

Age: 31

Height: 5’1’’

Complexion: Light/Fair

Hair: Dark

Uurha: Bee Charmer

Profession: Honey & Sweet Shop

Social Class: Upper-Middle

Family: Sissel (Mother), Kutch (Father), Maonne (Sister)

Personality: Fiercely ambitious, due to an inner need to constantly seek self-improvement. She strives to maximize her abilities, if just to distance herself from the lazy wretches she finds herself surrounded by. She absolutely detests inefficiency and sloth, which in turn leads her toward a great admiration of insect colonies. No one else in her town really has a specialty akin to her own, so she looks for ways to improve on hers in order to emphasize the benefit of applying oneself. She doesn’t relate well to others, so she spends most of her time in solitude with her bees; this is a very enjoyable experience for her. In fact, Madame Dibi has been known to be rather spiteful, and is perfectly willing to send bees after those that cross her.

Outlook: Madame Dibi thinks poorly of people unless and until they prove her otherwise. Her base philosophy is that most people are content in their ignorance and unwilling to work for the rewards they desire. In her opinion, the world would be better off if it were run only by those that prove they have a right to live in it.

History: For most of her life, she’s been encouraged to overlook her ability to charm insects and focus on an easier, more common uurha, such as magnetism or fire. Madame Dibi is incredibly fond of her bees, however, and vehemently refuses this advice every time she hears it. Due to the frequent discouragement, she’s become especially determined to become more adept with her uurha, if just to seek vengeance against the townsfolk that, in her opinion, deserve a harsh wake-up call. In the meantime, she reluctantly took up a “practical” profession that still allowed her to make use of her bees, but that she finds incredibly unfulfilling.

Goals: Madame Dibi’s burning desire is to meet with Lord Tyvs, a man that many in her culture consider to be a villain, but that she admires as a mentor and hopes to become more like in her lifetime. She admires his thorough understanding of uurha and his willingness to detach himself from the ills of society. She longs to become his apprentice and, if possible, recruit him in her dream to eradicate the “wastes of life that infest Virdith.”

Equipment: Dibi has a beehive with her practically at all times; while traveling, it’s usually strapped to her back.


Surprisingly enough, my original starting point for this character was my best friend, who is one of the sweetest women to ever walk the face of this planet. We’ve had a running joke for years about her secretly being evil incarnate, and how deeds that are horrifying to us wouldn’t cause her to bat an eye. She also has a deep fondness of bees. When I had made the decision to write an antihero for this story, I thought it could be interesting to run with the concept of my friend’s alter ego and find out where it would take me.

Madame Dibi’s ultimate outcome is very dissimilar from my best friend, minus the affinity for insects. I’m pleased that she deviated away from my original primer as I fleshed out her character, because I believe it’s important to let a character breathe and adjust and allow them to discover their personalities naturally; I didn’t want to keep her on a leash, so to speak.

Her physical appearance was designed with a very deliberate hand, if just to oppose certain tropes that often plague female characters. In particular, I specifically designed her body to be pear-shaped. I wanted her to have wide hips, thick legs, and a small bust to combat the “standard beauty” so many women (both real and fictional) get subjected to. I consider Dibi to be a beautiful character, and I wouldn’t change a thing about her.

Dibi’s wardrobe was also specifically geared toward battling stereotypes, as I intentionally drew her with her pelvis exposed. I find it absurd that there is often a double-standard even among cartoon characters that female bodies need to be covered while males can wear as little as they want. Madame Dibi’s design is meant to highlight just how ridiculous this standard rule-of-thumb really is, especially when the character in question isn’t even a species that exists in the real world. Within the context of the story, lyrans (the character species) wear clothing for the sake of ornamentation or to keep warm; there’s no decency factor involved. This decision has received a lot of positive feedback from my readers.


Uurha, Madame Dibi, Lord Tyvs, Virdith, and all related characters, locations, and items are my own personal original work, © 2012. None of it maybe the reproduced in any way without my written permission ahead of time.


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