Original Story: Uurha


Part 3 of 3: The New World


At last, we come to the end of the story. Right from the start, we can see how much has changed since the last time we saw our characters. Madame Dibi has clearly been working very intensely with her mentor, as she’s managed to sharpen her uurha so well that she’s able to transform herself partially into one of her bees, allowing her to charm them far more easily and on a grander scale. We rejoin the story shortly after Madame Dibi’s desolation of Virdith.

Despite the fact that it’s so sad, this segment is actually my favorite, because it draws all the pieces of the puzzle together. There are several moments when earlier points in the story are referenced with a new tone; in particular, the first and final frame of this section resemble each other, but with Lord Tyvs’ cloak on opposite sides (a visual representation of him literally having “passed”); Dibi standing over Tyvs’ body in the second-to-last frame is modeled after the final frame of part 1, when she felt absolutely justified in having killed someone she considered unworthy; and finally, after having been critically injured, Lord Tyvs repeats a sentiment that he said in part 2, when he himself had nearly killed Dibi.

I’m also pleased with this section of the story because of the way it changes the audience’s view of the first section. When going back to read it for the second time, many readers have told me that they read the narrations in a different tone, giving them a new perspective on the way the story is related. The first time around, people often read the narration as holding the same amount of contempt as the actions taking place in the frames, whereas the second time, the narration reads as more of a lament.


Uurha, Madame Dibi, Lord Tyvs, Virdith, and all related characters, locations, and items are my own personal original work, © 2012. None of it maybe the reproduced in any way without my written permission ahead of time.


About Leedzie

Leda "Leedzie" Clark is a writer and game designer with a sharp eye for detail and a kooky sense of humor. She's been a nerd as long as she can remember, and always seems to notice the wrong thing first in any given situation.

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