Xbox One’s downward spiral continues

In a continuing series of events that seem to point to the Xbox One going down in flames, Don Mattrick is now packing his bags.

For those not in the know, Don Mattrick is the president of Microsoft’s Xbox division. He was one of the ones loudly and proudly proclaiming the revolutionary changes the Xbox One would be bringing to the gaming world, especially at E3. After so much trumpeting about how much he stands behind his product, it seems a little peculiar that he’s now abandoning ship.


“This console is so cool that I’m now going to run for the hills away from it.”

As of yet, Microsoft has not offered a comment on the situation, nor has Zynga, whom Mattrick will now be working for. With nothing else to really go on, eyes often look to common business practices for guidance on what to make of things, and there’s one practice that immediately comes to mind in the wake of a fiasco like this: Did Mattrick really leave of his own accord, or was he “asked” to hit the road? It’s not uncommon at all for a company to sit down an employee that’s royally screwed them over and essentially tell them that they have the options of quitting or getting fired. Walking away from a job at least (somewhat) saves face, and I think we can all agree that the fiasco surrounding the Xbox One is enough fuel for Microsoft to give Mattrick a quiet ultimatum.

For the time being, however, nothing is absolutely certain other than the fact that he IS leaving.


Xbox One is the property of Microsoft and not myself. If the Xbox One WAS my abomination, I certainly wouldn’t be posting about it using my real name.

Don Mattrick is property of… well, Zynga now, apparently.


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