Countdown to the 12th Doctor: #6


It may seem odd to list Robotnik’s youth as its own section, but it’s never been a secret that Time Lords vary what age they resemble each time they regenerate. It’s not unreasonable to think that a child-like regeneration could occur, and these designs DID turn up well into Dr. Robotnik’s tenure. I think it’s only fair that they be acknowledged along with everyone else, no matter how horrifying this first one is.




First Appearance: 9/27/93, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog #9, “Momma Robotnik’s Birthday”
Noted Companions: Fuzzy Wuzzy

I… really hesitate to even call this version of Robotnik a baby. That’s not like any baby I’ve ever seen; that’s a kidney bean with arms. We only get a glimpse of this incarnation for a moment, as Momma Robotnik flashes back to Robotnik losing his beloved teddy bear.

Of course, baby versions of the great Robotnik have surfaced periodically over the years. About a month after this… thing… showed up, another incarnation was featured in episode #28, “Musta Been a Beautiful Baby,” whereupon Robotnik creates an age-altering gun and accidentally winds up in his own crossfire.


This one is particularly amusing, and not purely because he’s a baby with a handlebar mustache. I enjoy the fact that, despite his infantile form, he’s still motivated enough by spite to come up with tricks and traps to get rid of Sonic (who had also been de-aged). Invariably, everything he comes up with ultimately works against himself instead of Sonic or Tails.

There’s also a fleeting peek at baby Robotnik in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic #72, whereupon a broadcast chronicling the doctor’s life has overriden all television waves.


It seems that Fuzzy Wuzzy got a nod in this appearance as well, although the doll is also in notably worse condition. I think this speaks more toward the characterizations used in each canon than it does about Fuzzy Wuzzy’s personal value.

(Yes, I realize that this segment has technically encapsulated three versions simultaneously, but honestly, what could I have possibly written had I separated them? Even if I’d done it, no one was going to read it. I’d have had to squeeze water from rocks for that content.)




First Apperance: May 1993, Sonic the Hedgehog original mini-series #3
Noted Companions: N/A

Like the slightly younger version above, this Robotnik had fairly limited appearances. The first time we saw him was also the longest, but even that was pretty short-lived. I can at least say that he harbored his interest in robotics even back then, having created tiny robots that he then attempted to train to chant, “I hate hedgehogs!” despite the fact that he was temporarily staying at Uncle Chuck’s farm. (Yes, in this canon, he had a farm, and Robotnik lived with him from time to time.) This idea was briefly touched upon in one of the children’s books as well, but it only lasted for a single page.

A second glance at a young Robotnik was also given in Sonic the Hedgehog #72, directly beside the image of infant Robotnik.


This image is particularly noteworthy because it’s the only one of his younger selves that’s seen to have hair on his head.




Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Eggman, and whatever other forms of this character I managed to dig up for this thing are all © Sega one way or another, with lesser rights going to companies such as Archie, Fleetway, DiC, and whoever made that fan film. The inferences and summaries written throughout this piece are my own and my not be reproduced without my permission.

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