Countdown to the 12th Doctor: #8


Considering that machines are the driving force behind the doctor’s every waking moment, it should come as no surprise that there are electronic forms of Eggman himself. Some of these came about accidentally, while others were just plain necessary, whether they’d been intended or not.




First Appearance: November 1994, Sonic the Hedgehog #19
Noted Companions: Robo-Snively

Although Robo-Robotnik first appeared relatively early in the series, the audience wouldn’t really get to know him until issue #75. Robo-Robotnik quickly proved himself to be one of the most evil forms of the doctor to ever enter the series. His cold and malicious intentions are by no means limited to his enemies; he freely turns his deceptions against his allies as well. The reason he even got a foothold in the first place is because he hacked the original Robotnik’s mind, ultimately using the information to invade Mobius Prime once he’d already obliterated his own zone. He remains the dominant Robotnik of the comics to this day.

For a while, Robo-Robotnik was like the turd that just won’t flush. Because his consciousness is completely digital, he quickly became far more difficult to defeat than the original Robotnik ever was because he could continually transfer himself among databases. This means that each time he was defeated, it was actually just the robotic shell that was destroyed, not the mental processes running it. In fact, Robo-Robotnik was so prepared for his hostile takeover that he had several different bodies ready and waiting in case of just such an event. Later on, he was able to create new bodies on-demand whenever his latest shell had been destroyed.

Robo-Robotnik is one of the most dangerous incarnations of Robotnik to date, largely due to the fact that he developed a way to roboticize his victims simply by touching them. This raised the stakes substantially, and many forms of attack became completely useless against him, as even the most minimal contact is all it would take to succumb to the effects. Combined with the fact that Robo-Robotnik had broadcast a signal that forced all robians back into servitude, he’d essentially gained the power to instantly turn any opponent into just another one of his soldiers.

Incidentally, this process did not have to be forced upon Snively. Despite the fact that Snively has shown repeatedly that he harbors no love for Robotnik (or any other version of him), he willingly allowed Robo-Robotnik to roboticize him. It might’ve been nice if this were an illustration of alliance between the two, but they each had their own motive behind the process; Robo-Robotnik used it as a means to demonstrate to other humans that roboticization doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and Snively used it to, well, not die of radiation poisoning.




First Appearance: 5/31/96, Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
Noted Companions: N/A

I almost didn’t include this incarnation, because unlike everyone else, this is one variant that’s not actually the doctor himself. Instead, Black Eggman is a machine that Eggman and Sera pilot, but this is intended to be a secret to both the characters and the audience (although it is hinted prior to the character’s appearance). Due to the fact that there is a period of time in which Black Eggman appears to be a separate entity (and because I think he’s really cool), I decided to include him in this breakdown anyway.

Within the context of the movie, Black Eggman is an impressive force long before the audience ever sees him. Black Eggman’s invasion of Eggmanland is (allegedly) what gets the plot moving in the first place, as it forces Eggman to turn to Sonic of all people for help. Granted, I don’t think that’s quite as big of a deal for this particular version of Eggman, but it still says a lot to ask your worst enemy for assistance.

Before I leave off on this topic, I’d just like to add that Black Eggman, so far as I know, is the only version of Eggman that Sonic’s ever flipped off.




First Appearance: 5/27/94, Sonic the Comic #26
Noted Companions: Fleetway Freedom Fighters (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Johnny, Porker, Tekno, Shortfuse)

I debated for a long time whether I should list this incarnation here or with the other Kintobors, but regardless of personality, this incarnation is still a computer. He also becomes an active participant in the rebellion, so he doesn’t really qualify as a pacifist at this point anyway.

Following the accident that caused Ovi Kintobor to become Ivo Robotnik, the Chaos Emeralds and rings were scattered throughout the world. Oddly enough, one of the rings seemed to be able to talk, because evidently it held an imprint of the late Dr. Kintobor. Porker Lewis managed to upload this life data into the Freedom Fighters’ super computer, where Kintobor was able to live on as a machine and help in the resistance.

Personality-wise, Kintobor was the same as he’d ever been, albeit now far more tech-savvy. Most of his duties revolved around monitoring Robotnik’s whereabouts, and like Nicole in the Archie comics, he was often moved from one database to another. While having become a digital intelligence meant that he was now able to perform his services far more efficiently, it also meant that he’d become susceptible to the shortcomings of a computer — most notably being hacked, as Robotnik’s companion Grimer managed to temporarily turn him against his allies. Luckily, a coding upgrade from Porker was able to prevent this incident from repeating itself.




First Appearance: June 2000, Sonic Super Special #14
Noted Companions: Johnny Snively

HNNGH… So… Here we have another parody universe, and we’re not even sticking to comic books. This time around, we’re going to parody the show Ally McBeal. Because when I think of little kids buying comics about a blue hedgehog, YEAH, I THINK OF ALLY FUCKING McBEAL.

Anyway… In this zone, Robotnik appears as a computer database simply known as J.U.D.G.E.; I’ll let you take a wild leap as to what this computer might be used for. When Sonic is put on trial for a crime committed by Scourge, J.U.D.G.E. oversees the trial, with his cohort Johnny Snively prosecuting. Sonic’s defense attorney is Sally McAcorn. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

So there’s a trial and things happen and… eventually we move on or something. I don’t know, I didn’t read it, and you wouldn’t care anyway even if I had. MOVING ON.




Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Eggman, and whatever other forms of this character I managed to dig up for this thing are all © Sega one way or another, with lesser rights going to companies such as Archie, Fleetway, DiC, and whoever made that fan film. The inferences and summaries written throughout this piece are my own and my not be reproduced without my permission.


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