Countdown to the 12th Doctor

The moment of truth is nearly here: After months of waiting, Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary Special is finally airing simultaneously around the world. Those of you that read my season 7 finale theories can imagine my anxiousness to find out the truth, and as Whovians worldwide gear up for the big reveal, we also can’t help but revel in our fandom. BBC America, for example, has been airing nothing but Doctor Who episodes, movies, and TV specials nearly non-stop all week, and the internet has exploded with anticipation over the soon-to-arrive 12th Doctor. This blog is no exception, but I’m not talking about Peter Capaldi; I have my sights set on a different shapeshifting doctor.


Those that read this blog regularly may recall that there’s likely to be a 12th Doctor Eggman on the horizon for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as well. According to the preview image released for the upcoming animated series Sonic Boom, the characters are getting redesigned — some more drastically than others. As of this writing, we still have no preview of Eggman, which leaves a lot of speculation in the air. Will he be close to his current design? Will he harken back to a more classic style? Or will they invent a new look entirely to go with the new story?

As we anticipate the appearance of Doctor Who’s new face, I thought it might be fun to look back at the many faces of another oft-changing doctor while we wait for his new look as well.

In the last two decades, the Sonic the Hedgehog series has undergone numerous changes, and Dr. Robotnik has inarguably faced more than any other element of the franchise. Sometimes the changes were purely cosmetic, while at other times his appearance remained static yet his personality got an overhaul. More often than not it was a combination of both.

Unlike Doctor Who, the Sonic series has had way, waaay more than 11 doctors to deal with, but I do have a solution: After some extensive research (and I do mean extensive; I counted close to 40 versions of this character), I believe I’ve found enough common threads to identify 11 categories. In the spirit of the Whovian celebrations taking place this week, I present to you a retrospective of the Doctors of Sonic the Hedgehog.














I’ve heard a lot of people talk about “the many faces of evil” before, but I didn’t realize it could have THAT many faces at the same time. (Then again, to be fair, not all incarnations of Eggman are evil.)

Looking at all of these different forms Eggman has taken over the years makes me feel less nervous about what changes he might face when Sonic Boom is released next year. As much as we squawked about what’s already been done to Knuckles, I think Eggman will weather any changes he receives much more easily; after all, this analysis shows that he’s nothing if not versatile. Provided that he’s well-written, an Eggman is an Eggman is an Eggman.

Well, unless he’s a Robotnik, I suppose.


Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Eggman, and whatever other forms of this character I managed to dig up for this thing are all © Sega one way or another, with lesser rights going to companies such as Archie, Fleetway, DiC, and whoever made that fan film. The inferences and summaries written throughout this piece are my own and my not be reproduced without my permission.

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