Respawn Point Returns with Metal Gear Marathon

Well, it’s been awfully quiet around here for the last month. Between being sick for two weeks, sojourning to the Motor City Comic Con to meet John Barrowman, cleaning the basement, and getting a ton of hours at work, I’ve had a difficult time getting around to articles lately — and not even for lack of content, since I was dying to comment on Microsoft’s latest backpedaling or the fact that I found a complete and in-the-box Sega Master System at a yard sale for $20.

Luckily, charity is usually enough to motivate me to do just about anything, and our friends over at Respawn Point have given me just the push I need to get back into writing for you guys. As I type these words, the familiar faces of Zack Harrot, Jay Zeach, and Ash Blackledge are running the Metal Gear Marathon to benefit Special Effect.


…Well, as familiar as they can get with the camera so far away.

Like the annual Sonic Marathon, the Metal Gear Marathon is tackling all games in the Metal Gear series, regardless of generation or difficulty. All proceeds are directly forwarded to Special Effect, an organization that provides the means for disabled individuals to play video games. The Respawn Point team will play non-stop for 72 hours, and there are donation and advertising raffles for viewers to shoot for.

However, the Metal Gear Marathon has also been the marathon of firsts. In addition to marking the first time the team has tackled the Metal Gear franchise, it’s also the only marathon that RS regular Dan Bowhay has missed. This is also the first time the stream has broadcast from anywhere other than Zack’s home in Bristol, opting instead to play at The Respawn Point Northern HQ (or “Jay’s house,” as it’s more commonly known). This has subsequently resulted in the entirety of the MG Marathon’s output relying solely on Zack’s own laptop, knocking the stream offline within its first 15 minutes. As Zack himself put it, the marathon is “a technical minefield” this time around.


Zack: “Welcome back to the technical difficulties marathon! We will be playing about 5 minutes of video games during our 72-hour marathon of messing with Xplit settings!”

Despite the setbacks, Respawn Point has continued to deliver entertainment to its audience from the word go, and not just because Jay is steadily downing an entire bottle of Captain Morgan. A mere 2:20 into the marathon, Zack managed to get killed by an MGS1 boss after having defeated said boss due to the death sequence explosion. Zack was then forced to repeat the boss fight a good half dozen times before claiming victory (again) and finally making progress.

Still, I feel the stream is missing two very important elements: Codecs and cardboard boxes. These are the two items Metal Gear is known for! It’s practically a sin to play the series for 72 hours and not touch on either of these memes. I had barely tuned into the stream for five minutes before chastising my friends on the team for failing to arrange the game stream with two webcam feeds on either side of the game screen to mimic the iconic codec.


Of course, knowing what I know now about their hair-trigger set-up, this would probably make Zack’s laptop spontaneously combust. (Photos of the Respawn Point team courtesy of Oni Photography.)

The good news is that the team did respond positively to this idea, so with any luck we may see this layout should Respawn Point ever decide to do Metal Gear Marathon 2.

As for the cardboard boxes, I don’t know one gamer that isn’t familiar with the “I’M IN A BOX!” meme. Considering that Dan has been at every single RS marathon prior to this one, it might have been fun to keep a large box on-camera for the duration of the marathon and claim that Dan was inside of it the entire time. I also suggested that at least one member of the team attempt to play a game while wearing a box with eye holes on their head. Happily, I did manage to get Jay to wear a box on-camera with minimal prodding.


Furthermore, Jay has agreed to attempt playing Metal Gear Solid 4 with the box on his head should donations reach $1,000. Now I just need to get them to set a challenge for a match of Super Smash Bros Brawl where all three of them play as Solid Snake and my plans for taking over this marathon will be complete.

If you’re a fan of the Metal Gear series, want to donate to a good cause, or even if you just want to watch three guys sacrifice their sanity to non-stop gaming, tune in to the Metal Gear Marathon this weekend and get those donations in! The team is only 28 hours in as of this writing, so there are certainly more stunts, fails, and ridiculous conversations in store before the stream ends on Monday.

Obligatory Legal Crap

Respawn Point nor myself are affiliated with the Metal Gear series or Konami. We are not representative of Special Effect either, but I’m sure Special Effect makes use of Metal Gear games in their work.

Captain Morgan is the property of the Captain Morgan Rum Company, but apparently Jay has a little Captain in him. (Or a lot, based on how much is left in that bottle.)


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