Yoda’s Species Follow-Up

A couple weeks ago when I posted my personal head canon regarding Yoda’s species, I got a couple of interesting comments in response. I’ve been mulling them over since I read them, and as I think they bring up some good ideas. Instead of just letting them drive me nuts because I wasn’t clever enough to think of them the first time around, I’ve decided to do an official response to them here. At least this way we can all geek out together (again) instead of me trying to do it quietly in my own head.


The internet, as seen a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Jammerlee writes:

“…With regard to mogwai reproduction, perhaps due to Yoda’s age he may have lived beyond his fertility period? If that were the case water would no longer be an issue for him, though I still can’t imagine him wanting to get wet if it could be avoided.”

I can get behind this notion. I’m not going to go so far as to attempt an estimation of how long mogwai can reproduce, but even if Yoda is outside of his breeding years, I agree that he’d probably continue to avoid water regardless. Gizmo’s reactions to being splashed in Gremlins suggest that contact with water is extremely painful (or at the very least highly uncomfortable). Even if there’s no risk of suddenly producing younglings to look after, it’s possible water could physically hurt him purely from contact.

Actually, this seems to be a problem for green aliens in general, now that I think about it.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to find a link between mogwai and irkens, though.


Val writes:

“Definitely an interesting theory, bringing a new uncertainty to Yodas character. Though it raises a few questions too, such as If Mogwai -are- aliens then what planet do they come from? Presumably they would be much closer to Earth then say Corresant, since it’s established in the ever-famous “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” That the Star Wars Galaxy and our own are…well…far, far apart. So how could Gizmo have ended up on Earth and likewise, how would the rest of Yoda’s race be brought into the Star Wars galaxy.”

Admittedly, when I was writing the article I did pause at this point for a moment. I only spent a moment on it, however, because I suddenly realized that there’s no reason mogwai couldn’t migrate to Earth if, well, humans hadn’t done so too. I don’t presume to know how or when these things take place, but given that there were humans a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, and then here we are on Earth living out our wee little lives without space travel… Well, obviously we got here SOMEhow if we’re all in the same canon. It may be a bit of a non-answer, but my only real response to the question of how Gizmo got here really just boils down to, “However humans did.”

Val goes on to say:

“Interestingly enough, I dunno if you’ve watched the Clone Wars TV show but there’s a scene in it where Yoda visit’s a place similar to the cave he sent Luke into, where his own Dark Side is made manifest. Yoda is forced to battle a Dark Side version of himself who seems much similar in physicality to a Gremlin, with the more spindly limbs, jagged jaw and forehead, ect. And is much more feral and aggressive. … I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this clip in relation to the theory.”

I’ve never watched the Clone Wars series, but I did look into this as a result of the comment. All I can say is, I may be more canon that I realized.

It’s hard to comment in too much detail, since the character is wispy and unclear by nature, but the forms that we are able to discern do seem to be very gremlin-like, as Val suggested. Granted, this comparison may be biased due to the fact that gremlins resemble mogwai and mogwai resemble Yoda, but I still think it’s noteworthy. In particular, I think the posture suggested by the shadow is very similar to how gremlins are known to carry themselves — a trait that Yoda and the mogwai we’ve seen don’t seem to share, giving the link between gremlins and this dark shadow more stable footing. Does this mean that Yoda’s dark side is characterized as a gremlin because that’s how the “defective” maturation of a mogwai turns out? Gremlins DO seem to universally want chaos and destruction, so it would seem a fitting manifestation for all the bad parts of Yoda’s psyche. I’d have to imagine that there’s some degree of constant worry of messing up his diet and transforming into a gremlin, so one could even say that this dark persona is literally something Yoda fears he could become.


So there we go! Thanks to the input of a couple of commenters, this head canon has been expanded a little bit more. My thanks to Jammerlee and Val for their input and helping me expand on my ideas.

Obligatory Legal Crap

As before, I do not own Yoda, Gizmo, Gremlins, Star Wars, or any other cool element of this article. I can’t even necessarily say I own the awesome ideas this time around, as half of them were brought up by my followers. This is quite possibly the least cool I’ve ever been in the name of creative writing.

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