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Dragon Age: Origins free on Origin through 10/14/14

Attention, Steam users: Today might be the day you stop making fun of Origin and grab an account. For the next five days, EA is offering the game Dragon Age: Origins for free. Not a demo, not a free trial; it’s simply ‘On the House’ — and once it’s added to your user library, it’s yours forever. If you didn’t already have it but were always interested in giving it a shot, today might just be your day.


The free download does not include any of the game’s DLC, but after not spending $20 for it, at least the extras will be more affordable.

If medieval RPGs aren’t your thing… Well, Bejeweled 3 is also On the House at the moment, and that’s about as far away from Dragon Age as you can get. Then again there is that whole thing about dragons hoarding treasure, so maybe they’re not as disparate as they appear.

Obligatory Legal Crap

I am not affiliated with EA or Origin in any way, but I’ll elbow an old granny out of the way to take credit for the graphic I made for this news post. What can I say, I love a bad pun, and this is a bad visual pun.


Winter Is Here: Gaming Holiday Sales

I could’ve made a much better Game of Thrones joke if WordPress would let me use strikeout in the title line…


The annual Steam Winter Sale has officially kicked off today, and will continue through January 3rd 2014. New games will be discounted each day, and according to the website banner, over 2,000 games in total will ultimately be discounted. Considering how dominant Steam has become in the world of PC gaming, this tends to be one of the biggest gaming sales of the year, and I doubt 2013 will be the exception.


Xbox Live’s annual Countdown to New Years Sale is also active as of a couple days ago, much to my chagrin. While the sales regularly rotate on XBLA as well, the expired sales are not taken down once they’ve passed, lingering instead to taunt unfortunate gamers that missed checking in. This is why I’ve missed getting Fez on sale for two years in a row.

In any case, Xbox’s yearly game sale isn’t actually limited to games and DLC: Movies, TV shoes, and avatar items have also been known to turn up with huge discounts applied. Now that XBLA operates in real currency instead of points, those discounts will end up looking like even more of a deal than usual.


In addition,’s DRM-Free Winter Sale is currently on its 8th day. Not only are there some great deals on older games to be found, but GOG offers a new “Daily Surprise” for buyers to pick from. Three games are listed with an unknown discount applied, and buyers may choose one each day — but only one. It combines the spirit of the sale with the mystery of wondering what Santa is bringing.


Origin also appears to be doing a holiday sale — a Winter Warmer Sale, according to Google — but oddly enough they don’t really have any information on their sale posted anywhere on their website. All I can say is that apparently they have some games up to 50% off.


Kind of amazing considering that EA is the king of marketing.


With all of these websites practically throwing games at us, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year for gamers. It’s time for us to get out there and stock up on games to last us through 2014!


I am in no way affiliated with Steam, Xbox Live, Good Old Games, or Origin, I’m just talking about their discounts. Besides, if I was actually working for Origin, EA probably would’ve fired me for publicly pointing out their massive oversight anyway.