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Hazbin Hotel picked up for production by A24

The animated pilot with runaway popularity will finally see its second episode (and presumably a lot more after that) much faster, now that creator Vivziepop has partnered with A24 films.

Light Temple Fanmail Follow-Up

I got some pretty awesome feedback on my last post, which gave me the perfect opportunity to fly off the handle once again!

A look back at my convoluted relationship with The Legend of Zelda

An old obsession from my teenage days resurfaces as I dust off a game that I love, causing me to reflect on the factors that seem to have blinded me to the fact that I’ve stepped away from it for so long.

5 Details That Would Take the Sonic Movie from Great to Perfect (contains spoilers)

As an aging Sonic nerd, I take a look at the little bits of fandom that would’ve made the new Sonic movie even more nuanced for longtime fans but slipped under the radar.