“I can’t wait for Leda Clark to get a job in the gaming industry. It’s going to happen – she has the writing talent and industry awareness that respectable news outlets look for, and she has the narrative insight that development companies need to craft rich, diverse worlds. Leda is an asset to the industry already, a dedicated player who asks deep questions about the games she tackles and who sees the true brilliance behind puzzles or shooters or adventures. She writes about the industry because it’s fun and she’s damn good at it, and that’s the best place to begin any creative career.”

blankJess Conditt, Joystiq Senior Reporter (full letter of recommendation)


“Her choice of topic and her impeccably organized, logical analysis of that topic were like nothing I’ve read from any student. She is an independent and critical thinker, yet she never takes herself too seriously; teachers and classmates alike enjoy sharing classes with Leda. While, in my opinion, Leda was peerless in my Composition II class, she was always willing and eager to help others and to work as a member of a group.”

blankJoyce Marcel, M.A. Linguistics, English/ESL Instructor (full letter of recommendation)


“She’s a particularly good writer; in fact, I’ve retained her essays as models.  Technically, of course, she’s highly competent.  More importantly, embedded in her written work is fine insight and analysis – she synthesizes disparate materials well and makes practical meaning out of it all.”

blankFrancis Lieder, M.A., IADT Adjunct Instructor (full letter of recommendation)


“It is clear that you are a competent writer with a solid grasp of gaming mechanics and I greatly enjoyed reading your sample and your blogs. While I think it’s always a good idea to keep trying to improve writing skills, nothing jumped out at me and I have no specific critiques.  I think it’s pretty solid. I’m going to pass your work along to our editor-in-chief so that she has your information on file if we should have an opportunity for a new author.”

blankJennifer Sims, BradyGames Development Editor


“I read through your entries and I’m quite impressed. By definition I can’t give you any prizes, but I am forwarding these along to SEGA with the winners. Keep blogging away, we love the ideas!”

blankJ. Kartje, Community Manager



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