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PSN Flash Sale Reduces 80+ Games to $1

Are you a gamer? Of course you are, that’s probably why you’re on this blog in the first place. But are you a PlayStation gamer? Are you a PlayStation gamer that likes titles such as Katamari Damacy, Tekken, Sam & Max, Twisted Metal, Mega Man X, Wild Arms, or other amazing franchises like them? If you said yes to these questions, then you’re probably a little weird for talking to a blog it’s your lucky day! The PlayStation Network is having a gigantic flash sale, reducing dozens of popular games to less than a dollar.


As of this writing, there are 81 titles on sale, and there’s currently no indication of just how long these prices will last. For all we know it could run all weekend or it could expire in a couple hours. If you’re a PSN user with a dollar burning a hole in your pocket, now may be a good time to look into titles such as Back to the Future or Monkey Island while they’re less than 1/20th of their regular prices.

Obligatory Legal Crap

I am not a representative of Sony or the PlayStation Network in any way. I just like posting about gaming sales because I’d appreciate someone spreading the word to me if I were on the other end.

…That said, if Sony WERE willing to pay me to plug their sales, my inbox is always open.


Dragon Age: Origins free on Origin through 10/14/14

Attention, Steam users: Today might be the day you stop making fun of Origin and grab an account. For the next five days, EA is offering the game Dragon Age: Origins for free. Not a demo, not a free trial; it’s simply ‘On the House’ — and once it’s added to your user library, it’s yours forever. If you didn’t already have it but were always interested in giving it a shot, today might just be your day.


The free download does not include any of the game’s DLC, but after not spending $20 for it, at least the extras will be more affordable.

If medieval RPGs aren’t your thing… Well, Bejeweled 3 is also On the House at the moment, and that’s about as far away from Dragon Age as you can get. Then again there is that whole thing about dragons hoarding treasure, so maybe they’re not as disparate as they appear.

Obligatory Legal Crap

I am not affiliated with EA or Origin in any way, but I’ll elbow an old granny out of the way to take credit for the graphic I made for this news post. What can I say, I love a bad pun, and this is a bad visual pun.

5 weeks remain for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Exactly five weeks from today, the Wii and DS/DSi will no longer be able to make use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which will be shutting down services on May 20, 2014. While the current generation’s Wii U and 3DS will continue to connect, all previous systems will be excluded from online activity. This also means the end of Wii Speak in its entirety, as it relies on the NWFC in order to function. As of this writing, the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop are NOT affected by this change.


The good news is that all affected games will continue to function normally in their offline modes, but depending on the game, there may or may not be much left to do without online access. Unfortunately, piggybacking Wii games into the Wii U and DS games into the 3DS does not bypass this exclusion.

So what does this mean for gamers still using these consoles? Mostly that only about a month remains to update leaderboards, download user-generated content, and face your friends in online matches. The loss will be relatively benign for many titles, but games like Animal Crossing Wild World/City FolkMario Kart Wii/DS, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and WarioWare D.I.Y. could take a major hit by the loss of the NWFC. For a complete list of affected games, click here.


I am not affiliated with Nintendo or any of its subsequent consoles or IPs, unless you count the fact that I own a few titles. Then again, if that’s all it took to be affiliated, there’d be a lot more people out there with Nintendo on their resumes.

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords For Free For Four Days

I am never writing a title like that again.

American Legend of Zelda fans are in for a treat, because for the next four days, LoZ: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is free to download from the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS. The promotion ends just before the stroke of midnight on February 2nd, allowing players four days to dig up four buddies to forgo any aforementioned plans and place more forethought on Four Swords.

Okay, I promise I’m done with the four-puns now.

And anyway you’d only need to dig up three buddies, since you’d be the fourth player.

In all seriousness, this is a big deal for Zelda fans who were disheartened to discover that Four Swords: Anniversary Edition was removed from the Nintendo eShop in 2012. The game was originally released on 9/28/11 as part of the series’ 25th anniversary celebration, and like now, it was free to download. As of 2/20/12, Four Swords was completely removed from the Nintendo eShop (not even as a paid download, just completely gone) and has not been made available again until today.

There’s no confirmation just yet if the game will disappear from listings once again after this four-day promotion, or if it will become a permanent figure in the eShop at long last. If you have any interest in obtaining the game, now is the time to do so, just in case Nintendo seals it off for the second time.


The Legend of Zelda, Four Swords: Anniversary Edition, and the Nintendo eShop are all © Nintendo. I did take a picture of my 3DS, which is awkward as hell to coordinate, but the image is still Nintendo’s property. (Seriously, it would’ve been so much easier if they’d just let me take a screenshot.)

Xbox: 1, PS: 4

It is currently 12:16 AM on Friday, November 22nd. Just like the PS4 last week, I worked the midnight release of the Xbox One tonight. In my last article, I had so much to write about that about half of it had to be cut for the sake of flow. This week, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to justify writing at all.


I am pleased to say that I gathered enough content, but it’s probably not content that Microsoft would want me writing about.

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Launching the PS4: A Memoir

As I write this, it is 1:18 in the morning on Friday, November 15th, 2013. The PS4 has just been released to the open market, and I was at my local GameStop — to work, not to buy. Oh yes, this humble writer you’ve come to know and love picked up a part-time job at GameStop this fall, partly for the extra holiday money, but mostly to witness the major launches this season. I have just returned home from work, and I’ve decided to report on my experiences.


The console that literally 1-ups the PS3.

I can already tell you that this article definitely isn’t going to be the straight-forward newsy reporting I thought I’d be doing.

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Portfolio Piece: Baker Cat vs. Hellthy Veggies


Project Length: 5 Weeks (5/4/13 – 6/1/13)
Team: Loud Cat (4 Members)
My Roles: Concept art, Game Mechanics, Character Development, Artwork (Environment, Weapons, Interface)
End Product: Full Game (Android)


In late spring 2013, I became a member of Team Loud Cat, which to date has been my most successful team. With little more intent than the decision to make a mobile game, we centered on the idea of a chaotic top-down shooter that broke the mold of fighter jets and roaming tanks. After quickly agreeing that junk food vs. veggies could have mass appeal, we settled on a cat as the protagonist, at least partly to honor our team name. Zach Allen, our programmer, nicknamed the project Baker Cat vs. The Veggies.



Baker Cat vs. Hellthy Veggies is the most adorable bullet hell gamers have ever seen. Players take on the role of the Baker Cat, who’s had enough of this ridiculous health food craze and is determined to bring delicious baked goods back into the public spotlight! Employing the use of donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and frosting, Baker Cat progresses through either a farmer’s market or an organic farm to eliminate the veggies — and it’s just as well, because it seems like the vegetables are getting a little out of control…

Both adults and children enjoy this exciting cute-’em-up, which offers a refreshing mix of challenging gameplay, catchy music, and fun characters and environments. Baker Cat is available free for Android via the Google Play Store.

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Mario & Luigi Specialty WiiMotes Available Now: $40

To help round out the celebrations of The Year of Luigi, a special edition Weegee-themed Wii & Wii U remote is available for $39.99 as of today. Oh, and there’s one of some guy named Mario, too.


In addition to just plain looking swank, these remotes also give Club Nintendo members a reason to waste their points on those wrist straps that no one cares about.

The remotes come just in time for holiday shopping now that Halloween’s passed and Thanksgiving’s already being overlooked.


Mario, Luigi, and their Wiimote likenesses are © Nintendo. The colored wrist straps belong to Nintendo, too (and no one else that I can think of).

Nintendo Shuts Down Swapnote Indefinitely


In a sudden announcement late Halloween night, Nintendo has shutdown use of the Swapnote feature for the 3DS in all available regions. As stated on the official website:

“Nintendo has learned that some consumers, including minors, have been exchanging their friend codes on Internet bulletin boards and then using Swapnote (known as Nintendo Letter Box in other regions) to exchange offensive material. Nintendo has been investigating ways of preventing this and determined it is best to stop the SpotPass feature of Swapnote because it allows direct exchange of photos and was actively misused.”

There is currently no indication as to whether or not the service will ever return. The abrupt cancellation has been met with mixed reactions, but there seems to be a universal agreement that this is why we can’t have nice things.


Swapnote is the property of Nintendo, as evidence by the fact that they’ve quite literally packed it up and gone home.

Nintendo-Refurbished 3DS Price Drop: $110

Since the release of Pokémon X/Y last Saturday, there have been two major events in the world of handheld gaming. One of them is that a large portion of gamers have dropped off the face of the earth as they fall into the latest monster-training rabbit hole, and the other is that we’ve all been deafened by the collective anguished shrieks of Pokémon fans that lack a 3DS.


You can’t catch ’em all unless you catch a 3DS first.

Well, banshees, scream no more! For a limited time, Nintendo has lowered the price on their refurbished 3DS stock to a mere $109.99, so long as you want blue or purple. If midnight blue is more your taste, you can get a DSi XL for even less. These are used 3DSes that have been personally inspected, tested, repaired (if necessary), and warrantied by Nintendo themselves. The consoles may have a few nicks and bumps here and there, but Nintendo guarantees they’ll work. It’s just like getting one new, except it’s not new at all. But it’s a lot cheaper. Just think of it as replacing the new car smell with the scent of fresh cash.

As noted, these are temporary price reductions, and there’s no indication on the website just how temporary it’ll be. If you need a cheap way to get your hands on Pokémon X/Y, now may be your chance!


The 3DS and Pokémon are © Nintendo. If you don’t believe me, the fans have probably erected a monument in their honor by now, so you could go there and see for yourself.