Little Nemo Wakes Up

San Diego Comic Con is known for far more than just comic books. The same can be said for the series Little Nemo.

Originally a serial comic that began in 1905 by Windsor McCay, Little Nemo in Slumberland revolves around the nightly dreams of a little boy named Nemo. Every time he falls asleep, he embarks on adventures in an attempt to reach Slumberland. The comics, which ran until 1914 (plus a small revival between ’24 and ’26), have since inspired multiple interpretations of the surreal story, including theater, animation, and video games. This year at SDCC, IDW Publishing announced a Little Nemo revival series entitled Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland. The comics intend to take Nemo on all-new adventures while still maintaining the heart of the original stories.


Where can I find a bed that does this?

In addition, small-press publisher Locust Moon is in the process of compiling a Nemo comic anthology, entitled Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. The anthology will be published at the original newspaper size (16”x21”) and is current set to release next year.

As someone that played the old NES game, I had one question immediately on my mind: Will we also see a revival of Little Nemo in video game form? I suppose only Capcom knows the answer to that, and so far, they haven’t said anything.


Little Nemo is originally © Windsor McCay, but now apparently IDW and Locust Moon also have a stake in it. And Capcom, but that was back in the 90’s.



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