Original Story: Uurha


Part 1 of 3: Madame Dibi’s Resolution


Compared to the rest of the story, the first part is relatively small, but I think it’s okay that it is. It serves more as an introduction to the world of Virdith, as well as to our protagonist. The reader is given enough of the narrative to get their feet wet, but in a way that includes an intense moment of action to maintain the initial spark of interest.

I felt it best to leave this opening segment completely in inner monologue, because in order to snag and maintain the audience, I’m going to have to make it clear exactly who Dibi is. As noted prior, she’d be considered a villain by most measurements, so it’s critical that the audience understand her point of view before she gets disregarded. I believe that an audience that understands a character yet disagrees with them will continue reading out of curiosity. Will the character come to my point of view? Will I come to theirs? Exploring a mindset different from your own is an interesting experience, which I think is what makes Madame Dibi appealing despite her foul disposition.

Considering that this scene is fairly short, it was also critical that Dibi manage to command power and respect within that time span. The bee attack not only communicates the intensity of her attitude toward the people around her (as well as her affection for the bees), but it paints a clear picture for the audience that Madame Dibi is not one to be trifled with. She has no qualms about murdering someone she thinks deserves it, and she’s more than capable of following through with her impulses. It’s just enough to show the audience what sort of things she can do, but holds back enough to make them wonder what she’s going to do next to achieve her goals.


Uurha, Madame Dibi, Lord Tyvs, Virdith, and all related characters, locations, and items are my own personal original work, © 2012. None of it maybe the reproduced in any way without my written permission ahead of time.


About Leedzie

Leda "Leedzie" Clark is a writer and game designer with a sharp eye for detail and a kooky sense of humor. She's been a nerd as long as she can remember, and always seems to notice the wrong thing first in any given situation.

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